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Faculty Research Funding

Bridgewater faculty members have resources available for both in-house and external funding for their research interests and projects.

Bridgewater has a part-time grants officer available to help research potential funders, brainstorm projects, review draft applications and coordinate approvals.

For grants assistance please contact Jada Blinn.

* All requests for external funding must be routed through the grants office. Please use the Request for Grant Research form to request assistance in identifying potential funding sources, and the Intent to Apply for External Funds form to gain approval to proceed with proposal preparation.

Research Funding provided by the College

Bridgewater's Faculty Research Grant program is intended to promote faculty scholarship by providing funds to support small faculty research projects. The amount available per project varies depending on the funding budgeted in a given year and the number and quality of proposals submitted. Awards are generally capped at $1,200, but lower caps may be established if necessary. A notice inviting applications is typically released at the beginning of the fall semester, and funds must be expended by September 1 of the following year. Contact: the dean of academic affairs.

Notes to guide proposal submissions:

  • No specific proposal format is required, but proposals should clearly present well-developed research projects with sufficient detail to allow for an informed review. All proposals should include a description of the project and research methodology as well as an itemized budget.
  • It is not necessary to specify that a publication will result from the research, but a distinctive end product or goal should be communicated.
  • Funding is intended to support Bridgewater faculty members with individual projects, rather than be a source of partial funding for larger collaborative projects, contingent on the involvement of other institutions and/or researchers.
  • Proposals primarily targeted to the purchase of equipment will not be funded. Purchases of small items necessary for the proposed research project may be included in limited circumstances, but this should not be the majority of the proposed cost. Proposed equipment costs may be eliminated from the award amount.
  • Costs of obtaining professional certifications are not allowable.
  • Conference travel is generally not funded, as separate funding is available for conference attendance. Travel costs may be allowabl, but must be tied to a research project or objective.
  • Feasibility studies are generally not funded. Funds are allocated for well-developed, defined research projects.

Bridgewater Faculty Conference Funding: often available to fund travel and presentation at conferences. Contact: the dean of academic affairs.

Other Annual Research Opportunities Restricted to Bridgewater Faculty

The Virginia Foundation of Independent Colleges (VFIC) Mednick Memorial Fellowship: $2,000. Applications are due in February of each year; typically one award per institution. Stipends and equipment purchases are not allowable grant expenditures. Contact: grants officer

Recent awardees:

  • 2014: Nancy Klancher (Philosophy and Religion), Othering Without End: The Evolution of Historically Specific Others in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Scriptures
  • 2013: Scott Jost (Art), Source and Confluence: Exploring the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (West Branch Susquehanna River, Juniata River, and Maryland/Delaware/Virginia Eastern Shore)
  • 2012: Dr. Mwizenge Tembo (Sociology), Book Publication and Nkhanga Village Library Workshop in Zambia
  • 2011: Dr. Moshe Khurgel (Biology): Regeneration in Salamanders, Is it Everlasting?
  • 2010: Jason Vuic (History): Multiculturalism through Olympism: The 1984 Sarajevo Olympics
  • 2010: Gavin Lawson (Biology): Detecting Hybridization Among Notophthalmus viridescens Subspecies in South Carolina Using the Mitochondrial ND2 Gene
  • 2009: Dr. Jamie Frueh (History/Political Science): Global Discourses of HIV/AIDS Prevention: Social Marketing in Multiple Societies
  • 2008: Dr. Kara Vuic (History): American Women War Entertainers in the Twentieth Century
  • 2007: Dr. Gavin R. Lawson (Biology): Phylogeography of Red-Spotted Newts

National Humanities Center Summer Seminars: up to two faculty members are funded in even years (2008, 2010, etc.) by the Jessie Ball DuPont Fund to attend the summer seminar offerings; applications due in February. Contact: the dean of academic affairs.

Recent awardees:

  • 2014: Professor Nan Covert (Art)
  • 2014: Dr. David Reznik (Sociology)
  • 2014: Dr. Moshe Khurgel (Biology)
  • 2012: Dr. Laura Yordy (Philosophy and Religion)
  • 2012: Dr. Pamela Keystone (Economics and Business Administration)
  • 2010: Dr. Harriett Hayes (Sociology)
  • 2010: Dr. Julia Morton (Foreign Languages)
  • 2008: Dr. Ken Overway (Chemistry)
  • 2006: Dr. James Eaton (Economics and Business Administration)

Other Prospects for Research Funding

Research funding is available from a variety of sources: charitable foundations, professional organizations and government agencies (see Bridgewater also maintains a subscription to Grants Advisor, which faculty members can access from a campus computer.

Following is a list of organizations that have supported Bridgewater faculty research in the past, with recent awardees noted. Please coordinate your efforts with the grants officer prior to requesting grant funding.

American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) Research Consortium –

  • 2009, "Influence of Caring on Social Behaviors and Bullying in PE" - Dr. Lori Gano-Overway (Health and Exercise Science)

American Astronomical Society –

  • 2009, "Determination of Infrared Methane Spectroscopic Parameters" - Dr. Philip Spickler (Physics)

Coleman Foundation –

  • 2007, Building Support for Integrating Entrepreneurship and the Liberal Arts – Dr. Betty Hoge (Business Administration)

International Olympic Committee, Olympic Studies Centre

  • 2009, "Multiculturalism through Olympism: the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics" - Dr. Jason Vuic (History)

Jeffress Memorial Trust, Thomas F. and Kate Miller –

  • 2004: Dr. Stephen Baron (Biology): Regulation of Excellular Polyhydroxalkanoate Depolymerase Synthesis in Streptomyces spp.5A
  • 2002: Dr. Robyn A. Puffenbarger (Biology): Cannabinoid Receptor Expression in Macrophages
  • 2001: Dr. Brian Kelley (Psychology): The Influence of Adolescent Nicotine Exposure on Adult Drug Sensitivity and Substance Abuse Risk

National Endowment for the Humanities –

  • 2008 Summer Seminar, Prof. Scott Cole (Theater)

National Science Foundation –

  • 2008 "Bridging the Valley: A STEP Ahead for STEM Majors" – Dr. Ken Overway (Chemistry)

P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education –

  • 2008 support of the Summer Arts Enrichment Program in digital photography and mixed media "How You See Me; How I See Me" – Dr. Doug Ball (Education), and Prof. Scott Jost (Art)

Virginia Academy of Sciences –

  • 2011: Hybridization Among the Subspecies of Eastern Newts (Notophtalmus viridescens) in South Carolina, Dr. Gavin Lawson (Biology)
  • 2008: Reproductive Ecology of Potomac Sculpin (Cottus girardi), Dr. Kim Bolyard (Biology)

Virginia Commission of the Arts –

  • 2004-2005, Presenter Touring Assistance for Convocation Speakers, Dr. Jeff Pierson (Communication Studies)
  • 2010, Touring Assistance Grant, Ms. Stephanie Wilson (Director of Multicultural Services)