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May Term Travel Courses

May Term travel courses offer a study abroad experience in a few short weeks. You’ll gain first-hand knowledge of another culture and discover more about the world around you. From England to Argentina. From Hungary to South Africa. Travel and learn with BC.

May Term is an intensive three-week class session in May, after the spring semester, focused on experiential learning courses. You’ll take only one course, typically for 3 credits.

Preregistration begins in the spring semester the year prior to the travel course, when professors often post information and hold sessions for interested students.

2018 Courses

COMM 333X: European Media and Culture
Professor: S. Suter or Pierson
This course examines the historical similarities and differences between American media and European media. The course will involve approximately a week of classes on the Bridgewater campus prior to traveling to several locations throughout Europe. Three major themes will be explored: 1) the use of persuasion and propaganda techniques employed during World War II and the Cold War, 2) the development of the European television and film industry (prior to WWII and after it), and 3) issues of media conglomeration, globalization, and the influence of the American film and television industry on Europe.

Destination: London and Berlin
Prerequisite: PDP 150 or PDP 350
General Education: World Cultures, Experiential Learning
Estimated Extra Cost: $2900

GER 305X: German Speaking and Culture
Professor: G. Suter
Study of German cultures and media by traveling to German-speaking countries, such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland and other relevant European sites.

Destination: London and Berlin
Prerequisites: PDP-150 or PDP-350
General Education: Experiential Learning
Estimated Extra Cost: $2900

ES 357: Global Healthcare
Professor: Lassiter
Comparison of the similarities and differences between varied World Health Organization ranked global healthcare systems. Emphasis will be placed on exploring delivery, financing, and effectiveness of services within various healthcare systems, with a special focus on sports medicine and related prevention and intervention resources for athletes.

Destination: Budapest/Amsterdam
Prerequisites: PDP-150 or PDP-350
General Education: World Cultures
Estimated Extra Cost: $5000

PSCI 338: The Politics of Social Change
Professor: Frueh
Interterm/first summer session travel course in which students travel to a site of recent political and social changes to explore the causes, dynamics and implications of revolutionary change.

Destination: South Africa
Prerequisites: PDP 150 or PDP 35
General Education: Global Diversity
Estimated Extra Cost: $3800

BIOL 259: Natural History of South Africa
Professor: Puffenbarger
Explores the biology, geology, climate and natural history of geographic regions outside the Shenandoah Valley. Students examine the ecosystems, flora/fauna and conservation issues of the destination. This is a field course requiring travel. In the past the course has traveled to South Africa.

Destination: South Africa
Prerequisites: BIOL 100, 101, or 110
Estimated Extra Cost: $3800

MUS 370: History of Dramatic Music
Professor: McCarty
Analytical study of the history of dramatic music, especially opera and oratorio. Listening and reading assignments focus on specific composers and works as they relate to historical trends in musical style.

Destination: Munich and Salzburg
General education: General Education: Fine arts and music
Estimated Extra Cost: $3800

COMM 370X: Heroes, Flutes & Ghosts: Stories & Opera
Professor: Dewey
This course examines how stories, and particularly the hero narrative as captured by Joseph Campbell, are used in opera to inspire, engage, and provide social commentary, as well as to entertain. Understanding the audience (i.e., the historical time frame) and evaluating the medium (i.e., why set the story to music?) enriches our appreciation for and evaluation of the success of a story's message. Students will analyze how narrative changes when it is told through different media and will construct their own story using the medium of their choice. This course runs in conjunction with MUS 370: The History of Dramatic Music.

Destination: Munich and Salzburg
Prerequisites: PDP-150 or PDP-350
General education: Experiential Learning
Estimated Extra Cost: $3800

FREN 305: French Life and Culture
Professor: Dixon
An introduction to the life, culture, and history of France. Through homestays with families, daily language classes and various excursions, students will be immersed in the life and culture of France to experience firsthand the French lifestyle through its art, food, music, marketplaces, historical landmarks, and landscapes.

Destination: Nice
Prerequisites: FREN-101, PDP-150 or PDP-350
General education: Europe
Estimated Extra Cost: $3650

HIST 325H: Modern British History
Professor: Marsh
Examines political, economic, and culture trends in British history from the "Glorious Revolution" of 1688 to the present day. Modern Britain stands as one of the cornerstones of the contemporary world, and its politics and culture influenced global society in countless way, ranging from soccer to modern environmentalism to constitutional law. The course focuses on several major themes, including the role of religion, finance, and industry, the royal family, sport, and, most important of all, "social class," in building British society. Students will acquire a basic understanding of the major driving forces of modern British history and the ways that they compare and interrelate with Europe, the United States, and the world. Taught at Oxford, requires admission into the Flory Honors Program.

Prerequisites: PDP 150 or PDP 350,
General education: World Cultures
Estimated Extra Cost: $4850

SPAN 309: Argentinean Life and Culture
Professor: Martin
A travel course to Argentina. The first half is in Buenos Aires with daily cultural excursions around the city to museums, musical events, dance lessons, and other relevant cultural activities. Students complete research and critical analysis projects on the impact of dictatorial rule during the second half of the 20th century in Argentina and the sociopolitical and cultural changes in the country since the end of Videla’s regime. The remainder of the trip is spent at the Iguazú Falls, on the border with Brazil and Paraguay.

Prerequisites: PDP-150 or PDP-350
General education: global dynamics and experiential learning
Estimated Extra Cost: $5200