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Meet Louis Sanchez

Louis Sanchez
Admissions Counselor
Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA
Degree: B.S. Double Major in Business Administration; Concentration in Organizational Management and Information Systems Management

What brought you to BC?
As a first generation college graduate I am excited to be back on campus! I have a passion for interacting with people and ensuring that students find the right fit for them. Deciding on a college/university is an important family decision and investment. As a student, BC appealed to me because of the academics, location, and the vibrant campus life. Professors take a genuine interest in their students making the classroom a great place to learn and be involved. Located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley makes campus a beautiful place to be during the fall and spring. With many clubs to interact with I had the opportunity to choose what I wanted to be involved with on campus. Now that I am back on campus as an admission counselor I am thrilled to have the chance to work in such a great environment that was my home as an undergraduate.

What advice do you have about the college search process?
Start early and be critical about the things you are looking for. Ask yourself if you can see yourself here for four years? Ask yourself if this is a campus that will allow you to thrive?! Once you have started narrowing down your options, make a visit! Virtual tours and websites are great, but interacting with current students and professors in person cannot be supplemented. Explore your options and do not allow the “private” tag discourage you from applying and getting a financial package.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?
Meeting families and students that are excited about the college search.