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Meet Stephen Howard

Stephen D. Howard
Admissions Counselor
Hometown: Afton, VA
Degree: B.S. Communication Studies (Bridgewater College)

What brought you to Bridgewater College?
I am a former student and athlete here at Bridgewater College. I had a great experience and wanted to come back to share that, hopefully influencing others to come to BC and engage in the Bridgewater Experience themselves.

What advice do you have about the college search process?
Take your time and make the decision that is best for you! Be honest with yourself and understand yourself as an individual, because it will help you narrow down your options based on how they fit you! Only you know what you want!

What is one of the most rewarding parts of your job?
The most rewarding part of my job is having the opportunity to share my experience with others and enjoy what I am doing. It’s not work if you love what you are doing!