Tuition and Costs Apply Now

Private College 529 Plan

The Private College 529 Plan offers something that no other 529 plan can; a guaranteed way to purchase tuition at today's rates at participating private colleges and universities across the country. You get tomorrow's tuition at today's prices, for up to 30 years after it was purchased–guaranteed.

Pay less by paying today

You may have the resources to pay the market rate for college tuition at a later date, but why spend more than you have to? The plan delivers significant savings on the cost of a private college education because you pay today's tuition rate—rather than tomorrow's. Since the plan does not charge enrollment or annual fees, 100% of your contributions go toward the purchase of tuition certificates.

Benefit from 529 plan tax advantages

You also receive the same potential tax advantages that come with other 529 plans, including federal income, gift, estate and even state tax benefits, in states that offer tax parity with the state's own plan.

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