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Tuition and Costs

The calculation of educational expenses for financial aid purposes includes two types of costs:

  1. Direct charges paid to the school (tuition and fees, room and board)
  2. Estimated indirect costs, such as books and personal expenses.

Educational budgets are calculated on a yearly basis.

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2014-2015 Educational Expenses for New Students

Standard Charges Resident Commuter
Tuition/Fees $30,380 $30,065
Room/Board $11,070 $0
Total Charges $41,450 $30,065

Indirect Costs (estimated)
Books $1,150 $1,150
Meals --- $3,735
Personal Expenses $1,080 $1,080
Travel $1,200 $1,980

Total Budget



The Bridgewater College finance office is the most complete source of information about charges, payments, and student accounts.