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Why Bridgewater College?

Ask anyone who has attended Bridgewater why they chose the College, and you're likely to get a variety of answers. While there are many reasons you should consider Bridgewater, we've found that most students narrow it down to our:

Outstanding Faculty
Renowned scholars. Supportive mentors. Dedicated teachers. Experienced leaders. Esteemed experts. These are some of the ways our faculty are described, and what you can expect at Bridgewater. Your professors will challenge the way you think. They'll debate issues with you. They'll try to get you to see things from other viewpoints. In the process, they'll likely spark your interest in subjects you may never have found all that appealing before. They'll also help you sketch out your future and lay the groundwork for all that's to come.

Successful Outcomes
The quality of a Bridgewater education can be measured by how the experience we offer leads to success, however you define it. Our graduate school and job placement rates are high because we place so much value on your experience and education.

Personalized Teaching
The hallmark of an excellent educational program is the quality of its teaching. Our students consistently praise faculty for the personalized guidance they receive. We make it easy by maintaining an average class size of 19 students that allows our faculty to work with students on an individual basis. Not only will you find that our professors care about you academically, they're also concerned about you as a person. Whether you need their help on a class problem or personal issue, they are here for you. The sense of community you'll feel at Bridgewater begins in the classroom with your professors.

Bridgewater College offers excellent value for the money. You might think that a quality, private, liberal arts college like Bridgewater is out of your reach, but our extensive and comprehensive financial assistance program - consisting of grants, scholarships, loans, work study or combination thereof - makes it possible for students from a wide range of economic and family backgrounds to attend Bridgewater. About 99 percent of students receive some form of financial aid. We think you'll find that Bridgewater is surprisingly affordable.

Friendliness and Character
The welcoming nature of our college campus is something that can't be described well in words or even the smiling faces in photos. It must be experienced. We're known as a friendly campus -- everyone you pass will say "hi" and most will ask how you're doing and wait for you to reply. You'll find that this is a place where complete strangers will lend a hand - where the character of the school shapes your own personal character - and where genuine friendliness is commonplace.

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