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Why Liberal Arts?

A liberal arts education teaches you how to think

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It's the question generations of students have been asking for decades: Why do I need to know this? It's only years later when they're knee-deep in their careers that they understand why they needed to learn the connection between biology and language, or history and physics, or the humanities and sociology, or any number of other academic disciplines.

But you want an answer now. You want to see the relevance of a liberal arts education at Bridgewater before you begin.

What "Liberal Arts" Means

Think of the liberal arts as general areas of study -- philosophy, mathematics, literature, art history, economics, languages and so on -- rather than as specialized fields. They're not intended to train you for a specific career, but rather to prepare you for the world of work by providing you with skills that make you attractive to employers. These skills include the ability to think for yourself, analyze and solve problems, communicate effectively and develop lifelong learning habits. We take it one step further at Bridgewater -- we also teach you how to examine issues from an ethical, spiritual and values-based perspective.

Beyond that, a study of the liberal arts gives you knowledge about a wide range of subjects. Throughout your life and career, you'll draw on that knowledge and be able to discuss just about anything with anyone.

What Does A Liberal Arts Education Involve?

At Bridgewater, you'll study a variety of subjects, looking at the world and its people from various points of view. You will learn about ideas and beliefs that have guided human beings and shaped civilizations for thousands of years.

Because a liberal arts education is by nature broad and diverse, rather than narrow and specialized, you'll choose courses from many disciplines that not only give you a wide knowledge of subjects but also help you to narrow down your options for further study. It's through study of the liberal arts that many students discover their passions, and ultimately, their major.

Where Do The Liberal Arts Take You?

Finally, the liberal arts provides you with tangible, practical skills that employers value highly and that will never be obsolete. In today's changing world, it's wise to prepare yourself for any number of opportunities.

A liberal arts education can take you anywhere. Our program is excellent preparation for hundreds of careers, as well as the top graduate and professional schools. The possibilities that an education in the liberal arts affords are limited only by your imagination.