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Alumni Spotlight | Anita Hall Waters '78

Anita Hall Waters ’78photo of Anita Waters

Looking back, Anita Hall Waters said what she cherishes most about Bridgewater College is “the connections that are made” while here. To this day her closest friends are also BC alumni, and she believes this connection creates a powerful bond, even across generations with both older and younger alumni.

Waters majored in art at Bridgewater and would go on to a successful career in design and marketing. After marrying her husband, Craig, whom she also met at BC, she moved to the Richmond area and established herself first in advertising layout, then in packaging design. She believes her liberal arts education was extremely valuable in training her to “see the big picture” and expand her knowledge across disciplines.

In 1992, Waters graduated from the University of Richmond with an M.B.A. degree. Her marketing career extended from the Eskimo Pie Company to S&K Famous Brands, and finally, for the last ten years of her career, The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen. She sees her work for The Cultural Arts Center as the culmination of her expertise, allowing her to bring in her background in both art and business, utilize her design and marketing skills and make an impact in the nonprofit world.

Waters and her husband enjoy hosting Bridgewater alumni events and, for the last few years, a freshman send-off party each summer for students in the Richmond area who will be attending BC in the fall. “It’s great fun. Students and parents who’ve never met are friends by the end of the evening,” she commented. The Bridgewater College experience provides an immediate connection and starting point, even for those who haven’t yet arrived.

Now retired, Waters loves pursuing her hobbies and interests. She builds beautiful dollhouses and miniatures from kits, runs in marathons and has gone on several century (100 mile) bike rides with her son. She volunteers with a running club at an area middle school and spent 6 years on the BC Alumni Association board of directors.

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