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Alumni Spotlight | Ina Fitzwater Baker '69

Ina Fitzwater Baker ’69

Ina Baker “It wasn’t necessarily my first preference,” said Ina Baker of attending Bridgewater College. She came to BC due to her family’s ties to Bridgewater and her father’s insistence. She later came to realize that “it was the best educational experience I could have had.”

Majoring in home economics, Baker valued the relationships she developed with those around her the most. She said that Bridgewater gave her a broad, diverse background that she cherishes to this day. Her degree in home economics led to work in lighting and wiring, kitchen design and other aspects of designing home interiors. She did everything from demonstrations of small appliances, such as microwaves, to substitute teaching when her children were young.

Baker devoted herself further to education, teaching home economics for a year, then teaching business and marketing to high school students for 14 years. She commented that the study of home economics is in many ways similar to the study of business management. The principles of good household management and creating budgets carried over to the principles of running a business and marketing that she would teach her students.

Once her children had graduated from high school, she explored new opportunities in the business world, starting with Supply Room Companies, an office supply business. She found her niche when she began to work in the field of marketing and promotional items.

Baker is now with Vernon Company, a marketing and branding company that has been family-owned for four generations. As an account executive, she works out of her home office with clients across the country and around the world. She still relishes the opportunity to build relationships, working with friends and former students in addition to the new connections she makes every day.

A member of the Bridgewater College Alumni Association Board of Directors for the past six years, Baker has enjoyed getting to know BC from the inside. She served as president of the board in 2013-2014, visits campus often and enthusiastically attends Eagles football games.

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