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Alumni Award Recipient Peggy Glick Mason

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Peggy Glick Mason '51
2013 Ripples Society Award Recipient

When she was in high school, Washington, D.C. native Peggy Jane Glick came to the Shenandoah Valley to visit her cousin in Bridgewater. As fortune would have it, she also met her cousin's boyfriend, Ivan J. Mason. From that time on, nothing would be the same. The two hit it off, wound up in the same class at Bridgewater College and – in 1950 between their junior and senior years – married.

The two mathematics majors (her minor was physical education, his was physics) graduated from Bridgewater in 1951, and Mrs. Mason would attend George Washington University where she received the M.S.A. degree in information systems technology.

Mrs. Mason went on to teach junior-high mathematics in Prince Georges County, Md., but resigned to pursue a career in computer systems. She sub-contracted as a data analyst and programmer for NASA, and from 1980 to 1991 worked as a computer specialist for the Department of the Interior's Fish & Wildlife Service, where she made many important contributions.

One of her accomplishments was automating the Bird Banding program, from the issuance of permits to people doing the banding through issuing the bands themselves and other markers. Mrs. Mason also assisted in updating the Fish & Wildlife Service's computer system that gathered and stored data from returned bands and produced data for biologists to use in their research.

For her endeavors in this area, Mrs. Mason received several monetary awards from the Department of the Interior.

Mrs. Mason's family, church and community have played an even larger role in her life. She and her husband are the parents of two sons and a daughter, and Mrs. Mason has over the years been a Boy Scout den mother, a Sunday School/Bible School teacher, a church board member, a church district board member and a worship and book-study leader.

In addition, Mrs. Mason – who also has five grandchildren and one step-grandchild – has served as a member and treasurer of the Coordinating Committee of the Church of the Brethren's Women's Caucus.

She and Ivan were approached in 1997 by Bridgewater Home Auxiliary officers and were asked to become treasurers for a two-year term. At the end of the two years, however, the board decided to leave them in place rather than lose two excellent treasurers. The couple also are treasurers for the North River Library in Bridgewater.

"After serving in these positions for 14 years, I feel like a treasurer for life!" she said.

The Ripples Society tonight recognizes Peggy Glick Mason with the presentation of the Ripples Medal for her distinguished career and her life of service and commitment to her family, her community, her church and her alma mater.