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Alumni Community Service Month

Alumni, students and friends – we invite you to participate in Bridgewater College’s annual alumni community service month, during the month of March. 

As a service volunteer, you can provide valuable assistance to various non-profit agencies as well as build a sense of good will throughout your community, all while representing your alma mater.

The office of alumni relations has provided, below, a list of some local agencies that alumni can contact regarding possible opportunities to volunteer during the month of March.

View a list of non-profit organizations in Rockingham – Augusta Co. area

If you do not see agencies listed that are located in your area or if you would like to volunteer with other agencies, we encourage you to find an opening in your local area.  A few suggestions for you to check would be organizations like:

  • Local United Way Office
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Food Pantries
  • Salvation Army
  • Thrift Stores
  • Parks and Recreation Departments
  • Your local churches

Volunteers will need to contact the agency of their choice directly to make arrangements to volunteer and to inquire about possible opportunities. Be sure to call agencies a few weeks prior to the month of March to make your arrangements as they might need to make special preparations for you to be there. Also, whether you are contacting an agency from the provided list or stepping out on your own, here are a few important questions to ask:

  • What kind of work is available?
  • What is the maximum number of volunteers the agency can accommodate?
  • Is there a current project that you could assist with or would the organization have to create a project?
  • Is there a deadline to sign-up to volunteer and, if so, what is that deadline?
  • What is the contact information to register to volunteer?
  • What is the appropriate attire for the project you would be volunteering for?
  • Will the agency or organization provide the tools necessary to complete the project or should you bring items with you? If you should bring your own, what tools are necessary?
  • Will there be water made available at the project site or should you bring your own?

If you are aware of service opportunities that should be added to the list, please contact the office of alumni relations at 540-828-5451. Please be sure to include agency contact information.

Finally, Tell Us How it Went
Be sure to take a camera along with you when you participate in alumni community service month! Wear some Bridgewater College apparel and get some good action shots of BC alumni performing volunteer service!

Once you have completed your volunteer service, send your photos and your stories to:

Office of Alumni Relations
or Mail: College Box 40, Bridgewater, VA  22812