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Ripples Society Medal Constitution


Appendix 2


SECTION VI. Ripples Society Medal

At the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association on September 28, 1990, approval was given to the report of the Executive Committee of the Ripples Society as to the principles and procedures to be used in selecting a recipient of a Ripples Society Medal.

A. The principles guiding the selection process are

  1. loyal devotion to Bridgewater College
  2. vocational and/or professional achievement
  3. humanitarian activities

It is intended that this award be presented to persons who have not received the Distinguished Alumni Award.

B. One or more alumni of Bridgewater College, Blue Ridge College, Daleville College and Hebron Seminary of 50 or more years ago may be awarded the Ripples Society Medal each year.

Nominations shall be submitted to the Office of Alumni Relations. The Ripples Society Executive Committee will select the person(s) for recommendation to the President of the College. After approval by the President of the College the Alumni Association Board of Directors will confirm the acceptance of the person(s) to receive the Ripples Society Medal. All awards will be made at the Ripples Society spring banquet.

C. The presentation of the award should be made with a short statement of the honoree's devotion to Bridgewater College, vocational and/or professional achievements and current humanitarian activity. An appropriate medal will be designed for the presentation.