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As an elementary, middle or high school educator, the Shenandoah Valley Writing Academy at Bridgewater College provides you with the opportunity to hone your writing skills and learn to teach writing more effectively to your students. As a participant in the educator session, you’ll earn 90 recertification points as you spend two weeks learning new teaching strategies.

Participants may register for:

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Educator Session 2015

Educator Session 2015

Summer sessions:

  • July 6-10, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • July 13-16, 9 a.m.- Noon
  • July 17, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

EDUC/ENG 475 course seminars:

  • September 12
  • October 10
  • November 14

Course option

EDUC/ENG 475: Shenandoah Valley Writing Academy Writer's Workshop Seminar is a team-taught course associated with registration in the SVWA. If you register for the course option, you will receive 3 hours of undergraduate credit (which qualifies for 90 recertification points under option 1 of teacher licensure renewal). Participants in EDUC/ENG 475 take part in the two-week summer program, followed by 3 Saturday seminars in the fall.

Total cost for course option: $360

Register for EDUC/ENG 475 by completing the course registration form and the part-time student application form. Ask your school administrator if this program is eligible for reimbursement.

Summer program option

If you participate in only the two-week summer program, you will earn 90 recertification points under option 8 for teacher licensure renewal.

Total cost for summer program only: $125

Register for the summer program by completing the SVWA registration form.

Please make checks payable to Bridgewater College.

Submit forms and payment to:
Jenny M. Martin
Bridgewater College Education Department
402 E. College St.
Bridgewater, VA 22812

Objectives for Educators

Participating teachers will earn 90 recertification points and will develop the following skills:

Pedagogical Skills:

  • P1: the ability to design classrooms that are communities of learners
  • P2: the ability to design classrooms that utilize the writer’s workshop approach
  • P3: the ability to design classrooms that emphasize the process of writing as being equally important to the product of writing
  • P4: the ability to communicate theory into practice of writing centers, writer’s workshop and thoughtful literacy
  • P5: the ability to adapt curriculum to incorporate writings as an extension of the liberal arts and all areas of preK-12 disciplines
  • P6: the ability to establish the inherent connections between reading and writing

Writing Skills:

  • W1: the ability to write with authentic voice
  • W2: the ability to differentiate the elements of composing, editing, revising and publishing
  • W3: the ability to identify elements of effective communication
  • W4: the ability to use authentic voice to respond and analyze
  • W5: the ability to write a variety of discourse across a variety of audiences

Affective Skills:

  • A1: the ability to understand that writing is an expression of thought, both creative and critical
  • A2: the ability to understand that to teach writing teachers must see themselves as writers
  • A3: the ability to elicit written thought from developing writers
  • A4: the ability to understand that the process of critique is a shared interaction among a community of learners within a writing workshop classroom
  • A5: the ability to be open to change classroom structures and pedagogical bias to the teaching of process-centered, authentic voice writing, including the use of digital literacies

What Participating Teachers Have to Say

“The scaffold of writing instruction has been taught through models and actual hands-on experiences of what it feels like to be in a writing workshop. I felt like a writer. I am a writer. I have been in the company of writers who have inspired and enlightened me.”

“Talking with teachers in different districts, counties and grade levels is something we rarely get to do otherwise and it’s been eye-opening and greatly beneficial.”

“I have never been confident in my writing ability, and I have never enjoyed the task of teaching my students to write. Imagine my surprise to find that the past two weeks have been fun.”

“I haven’t felt this way after leaving a conference in a long time! I have been re-energized, and many questions about the true teaching of writing have been answered.”

"I wanted to let you know that my students and I are thoroughly enjoying the workshop approach in class. Thank you so much for changing my life!”



For more information, contact:

Jenny Martin
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