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Peacemakers Honored in New Bridgewater College Exhibition

October 10, 2016

Photo of Exhibition

“Seek Peace and Pursue It,” an exhibition showcasing nine noted peacemakers, will open at the Alexander Mack Memorial Library at Bridgewater College on Oct. 22.

The exhibition, which centers on peacemakers whose papers and artifacts are in Bridgewater College Special Collections and the Reuel B. Pritchett Museum Collection, will run through Dec. 9. Admission is free and open to the public.

Individuals honored in the exhibition are former Bridgewater College president and peace advocate Paul H. Bowman; local Civil War evangelist John Kline; Peace Corps volunteer Lula A. Miller; author and teacher Anna B. Mow; founder of the Brethren Alexander Mack Sr.; Brethren ambassador W. Harold Row; missionary to China Nettie M. Senger; humanitarian Naomi Miller West; and Nobel Peace Prize nominee M. Robert Zigler.

The exhibition will feature displays of documents and artifacts from the lives of these peacemakers, including materials from John Kline, artifacts that Lula Miller collected in Tibet, Nettie Senger’s Chinese collection and some of W. Harold Row’s Russian icons.

Bridgewater seniors Charlotte McIntyre and Allegra Morrison and Bridgewater College special collections librarian Stephanie S. Gardner curate the exhibition. Also central to the exhibition are guest writings by Bridgewater College students; Dr. Stephen L. Longenecker, the Edwin L. Turner Distinguished Professor of History; and Dr. Dale Ulrich, provost and professor of physics emeritus.

The Seek Peace and Pursue It exhibition will also explore how peace is being found today,” said Gardner. “A number of humanitarian agencies sent materials for the exhibition, and we have had excellent collaboration with Bridgewater College faculty and students, who told us what ‘Seek Peace’ means to them. In addition to honoring nine inspiring historic peacemakers, we will explore how their legacy is being carried out in the present day.”

The exhibition will be on the ground floor of the Alexander Mack Memorial Library during the library’s operational hours.

For further information, contact Stephanie S. Gardner at 828-8018 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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