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Welcome New BC Parents!

Parents Council Chairpersons,
Dave '90 and Lisa Hinegardner with their daughter Breaunna


Dear Bridgewater College Parents and Families, 

     It is both an honor and pleasure to write to you as representatives of the Bridgewater College Parents Council.  On behalf of the entire group, we would like to welcome you as BC Parents!  We are excited that your son or daughter has chosen to attend Bridgewater College and trust that you are equally excited about this stage in your child's life.  Our daughter Brea is entering her junior year, and we have had an excellent experience thus far.  She has met wonderful friends, been challenged by rigorous but caring professors and provided with excellent learning opportunities.  As a member of the BC softball team, she has developed lifelong friendships and benefited from wonderful coaches who truly care about all the girls as if they are their own children.  We are confident that if your son or daughter becomes fully invested in the classroom; participates in social, club and other College activities; and makes a sincere effort to become an involved BC student, he or she will have a wonderful experience as well.

     We hope that you, as parents, will continue to support your child by becoming involved in the Bridgewater College experience also. Attending theatre and musical performances, College activities and athletic events are great ways to stay connected with your child and support the College. There is a real sense of family at BC, and we hope that you will stay connected and join in the fun.
      On behalf of the entire Parents Council we welcome you to BC and say, "Wear gold, bleed crimson, and go Eagles!" 

  David '90 and Lisa Hinegardner  
  For more information on serving on the Parents Council, please contact Ellen Miller at
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Eagles We-Haul - Don't Fret it, Let Us Sweat It!

On freshmen move-in day, Friday, August 24, you will find several folks on campus ready to help you navigate the loading/unloading areas, parking lots and residence halls.  Some may even grab your belongings out of your car before you are able to put it in park! Don't be concerned!  They are members of various students groups, academic areas, BC staff and even alumni who return to campus for what is called "Eagles We-Haul" – a play on "U-Haul."  Bridgewater College will have more than 50 alumni, faculty, staff and students come to campus for the sole purpose of welcoming freshmen to BC and to share with parents and students the many memories they have of their days on campus. So, when you see someone with a t-shirt with the Eagles We-Haul logo, let them help you with move in and ask them to share some memories with you.  We hope you are pleasantly surprised by their assistance and you get the chance to hear some stories about BC! 

Click here for a Pre-Arrival Checklist

Thanks to the many volunteers who help with Eagles We-Haul!


To see an overview of what your student should expect during their first week at
Bridgewater College click the image above!


This fall Bridgewater College will likely open with a record enrollment.  Approximately 550 freshmen and 60 transfer students will be joining about 1,115 returning students. This would be the first time BC has ever gone over the 1,700 mark for full-time enrollment.
The College is also bringing in a new food service vendor for the 2012-2013 academic year.  Parkhurst, a Pennsylvania-based company, in combination with an entirely new meal plan, will provide students with an exceptional dining experience! The main dining hall will be open from 7:00 a.m. until midnight, providing students with continuous dining. At a boarding cost that has not increased for three years, students will be able to "swipe" their ID cards and enter the dining hall as many times as they wish, at no additional cost. In the evenings students can bring their books, or an entire study roup, to prepare for a test or the next day's classes, while enjoying a cup of coffee, soft drink, or a late night snack.  The new menus will feature food that is fresh and made from scratch, never frozen or pre-packaged, with a focus on seasonal items. Students will be able to choose from a wide variety of delicious and healthy meals featuring local and sustainable food sources and special options for every diet, including vegetarian and gluten-free.
Additionally, the dining area is undergoing a major renovation, which will feature smaller, friendlier tables, with restaurant-style seating; counters with stools; booths; and two flat-screen televisions. It will be a great place to relax with friends, study and enjoy delicious food any time of the day. 

This is an exciting time for Bridgewater College and our students. With housing at capacity, we ask for your understanding and support. Please do not hesitate to make us aware if a troubling situation arises or is not being addressed quickly enough. You can call (540) 828-5380 or email

All of us in the department of student life wish you and your student a successful year! 
Dr. William D. Miracle  

Dean of Students

Members of BC's Class of 2016 were welcomed into the BC family in July and August at send-off parties in Manassas, Roanoke, Frederick, MD., Fredericksburg, Winchester, Augusta/Rockingham Counties and Richmond. 
These parties were a collaboration of current students, new students, families and BC alumni. Students and families had the opportunity to connect with one another to share their anticipation of the new academic year. The welcome parties, hosted by BC alumni and parents, included refreshments picnics and fun activities for the entire family.

If you are interested in hosting a send-off party in your area, please call the office of alumni relations at 540-828-5451.


Parenting a College Student:
something to think about
Marshall Duke dispenses advice to parents of college students.

• Think about your parting words  or “blessing.”
Whatever wisdom you have to offer, whether it is 'I love you,' 'I'm behind you,' or 'I'm proud of you'... say it. If you can't express yourself verbally, write your thoughts down in a letter.  Your children will remember your messages and hold on to them.

Your lives will change.
Younger siblings may be quite happy to see the older child leave home.  You won't want to wait for your student to come home — or leave when they do.  Your child will arrive home with a whole new set of habits, particularly food and sleep patterns.

Don't change your child's room too quickly.

Freshmen in particular can go through some difficult times in transition, establishing new friendships, adjusting to a setting where they are not 'top dog' or even fearing they made a mistake. Home is security in the midst of making new connections (but balance resisting the urge to come get them too quickly).

When a problem arises, "move toward giving responsibility and verifying action."

The temptation is to intervene when a child calls home with a problem. Remember the resources at college to help students cope with various situations. Express support, but give your children responsibility and time to solve their own problems—it will ultimately benefit them. Colleges have many safety nets from academic support to resident advisers who are trained to identify and handle just about any problem you can imagine. However, if you hear something that sounds like real trouble do not hesitate to contact student life. 

Don't expect the same grades in college that the students got in high school.

Brand new college freshmen are actually 'successful high school students who are at college.' They need time and experience and some may need more tools or tutoring to learn how to be 'college students at college.' This takes initiative on the part of your student. As freshmen, students tend to highlight everything in their textbooks because everything seems important. Sophomores highlight several lines on a page as they begin to zero in on the heart of the matter. Juniors just highlight a line here or there. Seniors sometimes highlight nothing — they just write critical comments in the margin and cite other sources of reference.

For additional tips and resources, view the
BC Resources PDF.








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We'll leave the light on for you

Tips for parents of first year students
By Randy Hook, LCSW, Director of Counseling Services


Believe me…this isn’t an advertisement for the nearest Motel 6. And I am certainly not advocating that you, as parents, spend the first weeks of your student's freshman year camped out in a local hotel awaiting your son or daughter's first distress call from their freshman dorm. Although, as a parent, I can imagine you have had many thoughts, and some anxiety perhaps, about how to make this transition to college easy: both for you and your child. I remember being 18 years old and very excited about what the future held for me. My parents were equally excited but I also remember sensing a twinge of protective concern about me heading out on my own into the world and a school nearly four-and-a half hours away. As I mentioned, the title above actually has nothing to do with Motel 6. It references a poem my father wrote for me a few days prior to my leaving for my freshman year entitled “I will Leave a Light On”. His message to me was that no matter what I encountered ‘out there’ that he and my mother would always be there for me. In re-reading that poem I was moved by the dichotomous reality of the message “to immerse your entire spirit into the mystery of life,” and “as you walk out of my life and into your own.” As with many of you, my parents held great hope and excitement for my launching and a great, yet silent, wondering about the ability of my wings to fly. And so here are some tips that can help you and your new BC Eagle soar and find your own rhythm in this exciting new time and eventual story that begins “When you first went off to college…”

  1. Work to help your young adult get acclimated to campus services and resources. There are a plethora of resources available to students at Bridgewater College: health services, counseling services, chaplain services, tutoring, the writing center, etc. Many times I have encountered first-year students who simply do not know what is available to them. Do your own research and let them know what is available to them and how to get connected in times of need.

  2. Encourage your student to get involved with campus life at BC. This is so vital to the success of all our students. We all seek to be connected and belong to something and the department of student life and the entire BC community work very hard to provide our students with a wide variety of ways to get connected to other students and small communities. Encourage your son or daughter by asking what they have been up to and whether or not they are meeting new people and experiencing new activities. Their hall residence advisors can be a valuable peer resource in helping them to get connected to other students.

  3. Remember the basics: Help them to remember to get sleep, eat well and get medical attention when not feeling well. (I know, I know…easier said than done.) Paige French, NP, director of health services shouts this from the rooftops at BC. We all know that when we are better rested and healthy we are also more engaged and successful at our endeavors. Please encourage your child to balance “going out” and getting rest. Academically, encourage them to get started early and not to procrastinate assignments.

  4. Find the balance of communication between constant contact between you and your child and total cut-off. This can be one of the more challenging aspects of the transition to college. The new age of texting has made it so much easier to check in with our children and, thus, have a greater sense of security about their well being. My hope is that you have a conversation with your son or daughter (not through text) about how much they would like you to check in with them and what feels right to you. This may be a weaning process for all parties involved but it can be done in a way that helps everyone remain connected while encouraging connections to other support systems and people.

In closing, I know that I speak for the entire Bridgewater College community when I wish you and your new college student the smoothest of transitions. Please do not hesitate to contact me personally if you have concerns about your son or daughter and their well being. I promise… “I will leave a light on.”
Go Eagles!!!