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Bridgewater Fund Steering Committee

2012-2013 Bridgewater Fund Steering Committee

Michael D. Smith ’03, Chair
Nina Miller Arnett ’69
E. Rush Barnett ’77
Tina Morgan Barnett ’78
Robert Brockman ’80
Ron Hedrick ’92
Matthew Smith ’89
Nicole Stevens Kost ’05
W. Craig Waters ’78
Michael Withrow ’10

When I attended Bridgewater College, I had no idea how important private contributions were in ensuring the quality educational experience I received.  Now, as chairman of the Bridgewater Fund Steering Committee, it is my goal to strengthen awareness and highlight the importance of fundraising to the Bridgewater College community and its constituents. Every gift, no matter the size, helps make a world of opportunities possible for Bridgewater College students.


Michael D. Smith ’03
Bridgewater Fund Steering Committee