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Faculty/Staff Campaign

Thank you to all Bridgewater faculty and staff who give generously to the Bridgewater Fund each year. You give your resources in addition to your time and talent, because you believe in the mission of transforming lives. In 2013-2014, faculty and staff participation was 54.9 percent. Thank you!

Photo "As stated in our mission statement, Bridgewater College embraces the core values of integrity, equality, service and community. Our students have become ambassadors of our mission as they sustain a tradition of excellence. I offer my financial support yearly because Bridgewater College is truly a wondrous community to be cherished and valued. Every May the faces of our graduates nourish that belief."

Nicholas Picerno
Chief of Police

To make your gift, please fill out the Faculty/Staff Campaign form and return it to the advancement office or give online. You also have the option to enroll in payroll deduction through WebAdvisor during the open enrollment for benefits every year.

2013-2014 Faculty and Staff Contributors

Anonymous (2)
William E. Abshire '84
Benjamin D. Albers
Robert B. Andersen
Elvia Arellano
Robert P. Armbruster '75
Gloria H. Bachman
Chipley E. Bader
Reeoma K. Bailey-French
Karie A. Barbour
Stephen F. Baron
Paul J. Bender
Ryan W. Bennison
Kimberly J. Bolyard
Beth R. Boteler
Linda S. Bowers
James D. Bowling
Ronnie G. Boyd
Lesley Long Brady '05
Timothy J. Brazill
David W. Bushman
William R. Cameron
Amanda L. Campbell
Jennie Preto Carr '05
Christine E. Carrillo
Michael B. Clark
Kelly E. Coverstone
Nan R. Covert
Carrie G. Covey
Stephen D. Cox '81
Joseph M. Crockett
Dawn S. Dalbow
Victoria Moss Denlinger '88
James B. Duncan
Jennifer S. Duncan
L. Alan Eby
Vickie J. Einselen
Catherine L. Elick
Mahan L. Ellison
Benjamin M. Erickson
A. Thomas Fechtel Jr.
Roy W. Ferguson Jr.
Jeffrey N. Fike
Daniel Finseth
Sara Higgins Fitzgerald '03
Angela I. Flage '08
Charles P. Fleis
Marcelo R. Flores
James J. Frueh
Donald E. Fulk
Stanley A. Galloway
Lori A. Gano-Overway
Stephanie S. Gardner
Cindy K. Garletts
Heather J. Grant
William M. Grant Jr.
J. Mark Griffin '88
Sondra K. Hall
Clifford D. Harmon
Jean R. Hawk
Harriett E. Hayes
Scott M. Hearn '03
Mary Frances Heishman '66
Kathleen M. Herring
Ellen M. Hicks '94
Brittany K. Higgins '08
Amber L. Hoffman '11
Mark A. Hogan
Melissa M. Hoover
Colby C. Horne
Donna L. Hoskins
Stephen D. Howard '12
Cynthia K. Howdyshell-Shull '86
David C. Huffman '76
Edward W. Huffstetler
Christopher R. Hull
Rebecca G. Hylton
Victoria L. Ingram
Elizabeth A. Jarrels
Tamara L. Johnstone-Yellin
James S. Josefson
Cynthea R. Justice
Patricia Kearney
Anne B. Keeler
Sharyn W. Kelley
Curtis L. Kendall '81
Lyle J. Kiser
Nancy B. Klancher
Timothy A. Kreps
Floyd E. Lahman
Melanie K. Laliker
Kevin W. Lam
Phyllis L. Lambert
Gavin R. Lawson
Verne E. Leininger
Timothy J. Leister
Edgar B. Lickey
Todd D. Lilley
Jeffrey S. Liskey
Barbara Hottle Long '88
Stephen L. Longenecker
Ali Morris Lupton '12
Crystal L. Lynn
Ralph C. MacPhail Jr. '65
Alexandra M. Malecha '13
John D. Manson
Anne T. Marsh
Brandon D. Marsh
Tamara L. McCray '84
Stacy A. McDonald '86
Eric McGregor
Ian J. McNeil '08
Timothy A. Meyers
Diana S. Miller
E. Dustyn Miller '77
Ellen Burkholder Miller '79
Robert R. Miller '79
William F. Miller Jr.
Connie Reeves Minnick '84
William D. Miracle
Ellen M. Mitchell
Teshome Molalenge '87
Kevin A. Moore '94
Scott D. Morrison
Bernardo H. Motta
Salem Nganga '13
David M. Nicholas '91
Dawn M. Ohanessian
Deva O'Neil
Michael M. Overman
Kenneth S. Overway
Abbie Parkhurst
David L. Parsley
Ginger W. Patterson
Andrew L. Pearson
Jaime Huffer Penney '01
Martin F. Perry
Sherry N. Peters
Nicholas P. Picerno
Jeffrey H. Pierson
Carolyn W. Pirkey
William S. Powers
Robyn A. Puffenbarger
James E. Raeford
Ann Ringgold Rainard '87
Barbara B. Rankin
David L. Reznik
Kristy Kane Rhea '02
David E. Richard
Melissa Frank Roadcap '92
Karen S. Rogers
Tom E. Rosengarth
Dale K. Rusmisel
Keith E. Ryder
Louis J. Sanchez '10
Jason E. Saunders '07
Carol A. Scheppard
Katherine Houston Schmoyer '11
Hendrickus G. Schurink
Rebecca L. Schurink
John D. Shaw
Debra Link Sheffer '80
Christian C. Sheridan
Olivia A. Shifflett
Morgan Showalter Shirkey '08
Maureen C. Silva
Elizabeth Painter Smith '76
Fran C. Smith
Jarret L. Smith '03
Whitney Stroop Smith '01
Jacqueline Wells Spicer '67
Philip T. Spickler '85
Michele M. Strano
Raymond W. Studwell II '77
Scott H. Suter
Joan E. Talley
Terri L. Tavernaris
Larry C. Taylor
Carin L. Teets
Mwizenge S. Tembo
Virginia S. Terry
Amy G. Thompson
Justin G. Traxler '05
Alice L. Trupe
Michael G. Van Horn
Christopher R. Versen
Karen Reeves Wade '89
Rebecca H. Wagner
Reggie A. Webb
Larry H. White '65
Jean Willi '80
Leroy G. Williams
Stephanie E. Wilson
Eric M. Yoshizuka
Stephen T. Young