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  • Cover the student membership fees for a professional organization
  • Fund digital recorders for students ethnographic research
  • Fund a pair of shoulder pads for a football player
  • Support a local class field trip
  • Shoe a horse
  • Purchase a Chorale uniform
  • Purchase new cross country shoes
  • Allow four students to participate in team building activities on a ropes course
  • Pay for a lacrosse stick
  • Provide props for a theatre production
  • Assist in Interterm course fees
  • Procure a box of rulers for the mathematics department
Meet Joel Francis, '13

Major: History
Hometown: Woodbridge, VA
Extra curricular activities: member of the varsity football team, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Orientation Leader, enjoys fishing after class
Aspirations: naval officer, federal law enforcement

“I have been afforded a once in a lifetime opportunity to study and play football at BC. As a student-athlete I give 100% in the classroom and on the field. I credit wonderful mentors, like Professor Vuic who challenges me in the classroom to learn and grow and Coach Clark for his guidance on the playing field, for helping me develop in to a well-rounded individual. Your annual Bridgewater Fund gift provides countless opportunities to all students through scholarship support and campus improvements.”

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