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  • Aid in course field trip expenses
  • Send students to a local business conference
  • Purchase a case of thermometers for the chemistry department
  • Cover the student membership fees for a professional organization
  • Assist in funding for updated software for the language lab
  • Support a field trip to Washington, D.C. for urban research
  • Purchase six yards of primed cotton canvas
  • Purchase classroom materials for student teaching
  • Support the Phi Alpha Theta banquet
  • Cover the printing costs of a Veritas issue
  • Buy three footballs
  • Pay for a student to attend and participate in an academic conference
  • Supply nameplates for student senate members
  • Cover the cost of a new javelin for the track and field team
  • Produce programs and publicity for a theatre show
  • Assist in travel for the Choir Tour
  • Cover the equestrian team entry fee to IHSA
Meet Kimberly Cicotello, '11

Major: Allied Health Science, Nutrition and Wellness
Hometown: Warrenton, VA
Extracurricular activities: group leader for Summer Leadership Institute, Student Ambassador, Orientation Leader, String Music Ensemble
Aspirations: labor and delivery nurse

“I have been afforded a once in a lifetime opportunity to study and grow at BC. I am grateful to alumni who support the Bridgewater Fund because their gifts directly support my dreams. Under the guidance of my favorite professor, Dr. Hammill, and through my participation in the Summer Leadership Institute, I hope to transfer my knowledge and leadership experience to become a successful nurse.”

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