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A Gift of $50 Could...

  • Award a book award to an outstanding senior
  • Send a student to a Virginia Branch of American Society for Microbiology meeting
  • Provide funding towards a course field trip to Antietam Battlefield
  • Cover travel expenses for a group of students to a regional job fair
  • Provide the necessary away game travel costs for two football players
  • Purchase removable disk drives for students
  • Vaccinate one horse
  • Cover the registration fee for the Virginia Psychological Association
    buy a new baseball bat
  • Provide funds for a woman’s cross country uniform
  • Support accompaniment fees for chorale
  • Cover the costume cost for one student in a student directed musical
  • Cover the decorating expenses for a Homecoming float
  • Pay for a student to join the National Communication Association
  • Pay for 100 lbs. of terra cotta claySupport a local class field trip
  • Buy a toner cartridge for a printing lab
  • Supply a student with an athletic training fanny pack
Meet Elizabeth Butler, '13

Major: Political Science, French
Hometown: Leydon, MA
Extracurricular activities: Equestrian Club, Eagle Productions, BCN (TV and radio broadcasting club)
Aspirations: attend law school and practice international or human rights law

“I am thankful for the scholarship support provided by alumni donations and for the friendships created through my involvement in the riding program. My favorite thing to do outside the classroom is spend time at the BC Equestrian Center. After my lesson, we hose the horses down and let them run free to relax and graze in the field. Your Bridgewater Fund gift provides the opportunity for all students to explore their interests and grow in a supportive learning environment.”

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