Prepare for a Career in Math and Technology

Mathematics Major

Your degree in mathematics can prepare you for any number of careers in math and technology-related fields, or to teach math at a high school or college level.

Curriculum and Courses

MATH-132 Calculus II
MATH-200 Introduction to Number Theory
MATH-210 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH-231 Calculus III
MATH-232 Calculus IV
MATH-300 Set Theory and Symbolic Logic
MATH-310 Linear Algebra*
MATH-341 Theoretical Statistics I
MATH-410 Modern Algebra
MATH-431 Real Variables I
MATH-432 Real Variables II*
MATH-450 Special Topics

And two additional MATH courses numbered 300 or above, excluding MATH-480

Majors who wish to earn their secondary education licensure must also take MATH-320 and 360.

*Substitutions may be made for MATH-310 and MATH-432 with permission of the department for students who will student teach in the spring of their senior year.

Careers and Graduate Schools

What can you do with a degree in mathematics?

Like the department’s recent graduates, you might enter graduate schools such as:

  • California Institute of Technology
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • George Mason University
  • James Madison University
  • University of North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • University of Virginia
  • Virginia Tech
  • Washington and Lee School of Law

Or pursue a career as:

  • Actuary
  • Database Analyst
  • Engineer
  • Help Desk Technician
  • LAN Systems Manager
  • Mathematician
  • Network Administrator
  • Operations Researcher
  • Programmer/Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Statistician