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BC Seniors Receive 2012 Sociology Awards


Bridgewater College seniors Carina Botterbusch, Megan McNeil and Claire Reeger were recognized for excellence by the department of sociology during the annual awards convocation on May 1.

The awards are presented for outstanding scholarship, service to the department and leadership. Each student received a certificate and a cash award.

Botterbusch received the Zygmunt Bauman Scholar Award, which is given to a student who demonstrates outstanding scholarship and leadership in the classroom and exemplifies academic citizenship in the department. Bauman was best known for his analyses of the links between modernity and the Holocaust and of postmodern consumerism.

Botterbusch, a sociology major with minors in psychology and social work, is the daughter of Bob and Donna Botterbusch of Dover, Pa. Her honors project was “Solidarity and Its Mechanisms: A Study of a College Jazz Band through Participant Observation.”

McNeil was presented the Arlie Hochschild Research Award that recognizes a student whose conduct of research exemplifies the most ambitious traditions of the discipline. Hochschild is a sociology professor at the University of California, Berkeley, researcher and author whose work is innovative, challenging and thought provoking.

McNeil, a sociology major, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dana McNeil of Dunlap, Ill. Her honors project was “Differential Association, Social control Theory, and Modeling: An Integrative Approach to Predicting Deviant Behavior in Youth.”

Reeger received the C. Wright Mills Award, which is presented to a student who practices “public sociology” and models the daily use of sociological imagination beyond the classroom. The award is named for American sociologist Charles Wright Mills (1916-1962).

Reeger, a sociology major with a minor in cultural studies, is the daughter of William and Teresa Reeger of Shelocta, Pa. Her honors project was “Unraveling Perceptions of Sex Among College Students.”

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