Break Housing Information

All residence halls will be closed during official college breaks (Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, and Easter).

For safety reasons, students will need to find alternative housing during those periods unless granted an exception. If a student needs to remain on campus during a college break, they must fill out the appropriate form for an exception to be granted. A separate form must be completed for each break that the student is requesting to stay. Reasons exceptions may be granted include academic reasons, work, and transportation if the student lives a considerable distance from campus.

Completing an application does not mean that a student is guaranteed to stay.  Students should make alternate plans should they not be granted permission to stay. 

Any student who does not fill out the form and receive approval to stay over the break will be asked to leave the residence halls immediately.

Residential housing will be closed for the following official College breaks in 2015-2016:

Please note that food service is not available during these breaks. The dining hall will be closed during the same dates and times as the residence halls. The first meal served following an official break is dinner the night that residence halls open.

Guests are also not permitted when residence halls are closed during official breaks, as well as when residence halls are closed before residence halls open for fall semester and after residence halls close for spring semester.

The department of student life will work in conjunction with the athletic and education departments to ensure all housing needs for appropriate in-season student-athletes/trainers and student teachers are met during break periods (excluding Christmas break as students will not be permitted to reside on campus during this break). In-season student athletes/trainers and current student teachers do not need to complete a request form as lists will be acquired from the appropriate departments.