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Points of Light Institute Honors BC Professor


Jill W. Lassiter, an assistant professor of health and human sciences at Bridgewater College, has been named a Daily Point of Light honoree by the Points of Light Institute, a national non-profit organization that engages people and resources to solve serious social problems.

The honor was awarded in recognition of Lassiter’s work in developing a partnership between Bridgewater College and Our Community Place (OCP) in Harrisonburg, Va.

For the last two school years, students in Lassiter’s community and personal health class partnered with OCP to design, finance and built an outdoor fitness area for the organization, which provides support and activities to people struggling with poverty, addiction and difficult life circumstances.

Students assessed the needs of OCP, raised more than $2,000, made detailed plans for the equipment and spent four days building with the help of professionals, OCP staff and community members.

Lassiter was nominated for the honor by Stephanie Wilson, Bridgewater’s director of multicultural services, who noted that “Dr. Lassiter not only brought equipment and instruction to her community, but she also engaged approximately 300 students in four different semesters to make service a larger part of their lives. This is why she is a Daily Point of Light.”

“It is an honor to be recognized for doing what I love, and I am privileged to be able to serve with the staff and community members at OCP,” Lassiter said. “Their commitment to serving the Harrisonburg community is humbling. This award is also a testimony to the hard work of our students and Bridgewater’s commitment to civic engagement.”

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