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Bridgewater College Sees Record Enrollment for 2013-2014

Enrollment at Bridgewater College is higher than at any other time in its history, with the college's office of institutional research reporting a full- and part-time student enrollment of 1,849.

Enrollment at Bridgewater in 2012 was 1,760 full- and part-time students.

"Bridgewater's record enrollment is the result of an enterprise-wide effort to recruit, enroll and retain quality students who seek a challenging academic environment coupled with a supportive, close knit community," said Reggie Webb, vice president for enrollment management at Bridgewater. "We've targeted our traditional local and state markets as well as prospective students in the Mid-Atlantic region, and have basically renewed our efforts to solidify the local recruiting base while extending our outreach to highly qualified students in surrounding areas."

Webb also noted that, while many regions are experiencing declining high-school graduation rates, Virginia continues a steady climb in those numbers.

"While we face continued pressure from state schools seeking increased enrollment, our strong liberal arts academic program provides both challenge and value to today’s students," said Webb. "We also offer a competitive price value for the Bridgewater College experience."

He added that Bridgewater's record enrollment this year is a result of "consecutive years of meeting freshman enrollment goals." Webb praised the college's commitment and what he said was an extraordinary effort from the admissions team, faculty, alumni and staff.

Figures released by the college reveal that women make up 55 percent of the freshman class while 76 percent of incoming students are white. Other ethnicities represented in the freshman class are blacks/African Americans, 10 percent; Hispanics, 2 percent; multiracial, 6 percent; and Asian, 1 percent.

Of the 536 first-time freshmen arriving at Bridgewater in 2013, 76 percent are residents of Virginia.  Four percent of these students claim they are affiliated with the Church of the Brethren, upon which the college was founded.

The top five academic majors among freshmen at BC are biology, business administration, psychology, health and exercise science, and athletic training.

Posted 9/12/13

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