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BC Art Professors Showcase Work in Collaborative Project

Compliation of Jost and Covert Art

by Andrew Peters ’15

Bridgewater College professors Nan Covert and Scott Jost gave insight behind their new art show Passages on display in the Cleo Driver Miller Art Gallery during a recent artists’ talk. Photos can be viewed here.

The collaboration between Covert and Jost emphasizes motion and movement between two places. Jost, whose project includes photographs taken from a moving vehicle, created “interesting visual parallels” by “not stopping between point A and point B.” The resulting captures create a visual experience between parts of the in-focus and out of focus images.

Covert, relying more on her expertise with the paintbrush, became very interested in places as well as the memory you have of them. “[My work] remembers places and may call to mind a place, but it adds parts of yourself to it,” Covert says. Much of the work that is displayed in the art show comes from Covert’s memory of the Middle River, located close to her home in Augusta County.

Jost was surprised by the way that his images turned out. “It was unusual for me and a big departure from what I typically do.” In the past, Jost has worked on photographing watersheds, in addition to his current work on the Shenandoah Valley Apples, expected to be out by the end of the year. Jost enjoyed this motion project because it “is about going someplace, but not about the destination.”

Jost was influenced by Paul Fusco, a professional photographer in New York, and his work entitled RFK, a series of images taken from the funeral train of the late Robert Kennedy. Fusco’s images captured the nation mourning during 1968 inspired Jost for his work on Passages.

Covert emphasized that she was influenced by many painters, ranging from famous to start-up artists. Largely influences by the late Claude Monet period, Covert, like Monet, paints from her memory of a place rather than painting on location. In addition to Monet, Covert included George Inness, Joan Mitchell, May Stevens and others in those who influenced her paintings.

Passages: Painting and Photography by Nan Covert and Scott Jost will be on display in the Miller Art Gallery located in the Alexander Mack Memorial Library until Nov. 6.

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