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BC Professor Reflects on Mandela’s Legacy

Following the death of legendary South African leader Nelson Mandela, Dr. Jamie Frueh, associate professor of history and political science at Bridgewater College, spoke about Mandela’s inspiring leadership in his country’s transition out of apartheid.

Frueh is an expert on South Africa who lived and taught in the country for a period of time prior to the transition and wrote a book, Political Identity and Social Change, which explored the dramatic changes in South Africa. He has extensively taught on the subject and taken groups of Bridgewater students to South Africa every other year during the College’s three-week Interterm session to encounter its society and history up close.

Frueh summed up Mandela’s legacy by saying, “He led political change in a way that was open, loving and hopeful, and gave his service to a vision of the country, and [its] future, that required a lot of sacrifice.” Frueh stated that not only did Mandela suffer personally, but he also gave his entire life to “serving his fellow citizens in the best way he knew how” and gave hope to a powerful vision of social change that is enduring.

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