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2012 Theatre Awards Presented


Four Bridgewater College students have been awarded the annual acting awards from Theatre at BC. Korey Rankin was recognized as Best Actor, Risa Heatwole as Best Actress, David Stutzman as Best Supporting Actor and Jessie Houff as Best Supporting Actress.

The awards, based on a collective of work during the 2011-12 academic year, were presented at the Creative Arts Awards on May 1.

Rankin, a senior physics major with a minor in mathematics, received the Best Actor award. He is the son of Dale and Lisa Rankin from Churchville, Va.

Heatwole, a senior liberal studies major, received the Best Actress award. She is the daughter of Ransford and Christine Heatwole from Bridgewater, Va.

Stutzman, a history and political science major with a minor in crime and justice, was presented the Best Supporting Actor award. He is the son of Richard and Carolyn Stutzman from Bridgewater, Va.

Houff received the Best Supporting Actress award. A senior art major with a minor in theater, she is the daughter of Terry and Lisa Houff from Bridgewater, Va.

The Pinion Player of the Year award is presented annually for the greatest overall contribution to the theater program during the academic year, and the recipient is elected by members of the Pinion Players. This year, the award was given to Amanda A. Hahn, a senior sociology major with a minor in English. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hahn from Culpeper, Va.

Jessica Snellings received the Technical Theater Award, which is presented to the student who exhibits outstanding achievement in technical theatre production. Snellings, an international studies and English double major with a minor in theatre, is the daughter of BH and Deborah Snellings from Stanley, Va., and Amy and Jon Bell.

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