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Bridgewater College Art Majors and Minors Exhibit Senior Thesis Work

Bridgewater College art majors and minors will exhibit their works in a senior art thesis exhibition, “Floating Oranges,” on campus May 5 – May 17.

The art majors are Joanna Caples of Westminster, Md., Faith Dolack of Waynesboro, Va.; Holly C. Donahue of Manassas, Va.; Sammi Ford of Pasadena, Md.; Katie Gordon of Winchester, Va.; Christopher Michael of Mount Solon, Va.; Jessie Mitchell of Richmond, Va.; Ellen Morris of Stuarts Draft, Va.; Kelsey Murray of Lancaster, Pa.; and Summer Rain Ursomarso of Floyd, Va. Art minors Morgan Alexander of Weyers Cave, Va.; Megan Gould of Fredericksburg, Va.; Brea Hinegardner of Woodstock, Va.; Melina Norman of Temple Terrace, Fla.; and Tracy Reed of Chesapeake, Va.; will also exhibit work.

A reception for the artists is on Monday, May 5, from 5 to 8 p.m. at each exhibition site. Maps for the exhibition sites will be available in the Cleo Driver Miller Art Gallery on the second floor of the Alexander Mack Memorial Library. The receptions and exhibitions are free and open to the public.

Morris, Murray, Donahue and Norman are exhibiting work in the Alexander Mack Memorial Library.  Morris and Murray’s work will be in the Cleo Driver Miller Art Gallery located on the second floor. Donahue’s exhibition is on the south walls of the second floor and Norman’s work is featured on the window sills on the first floor.

Morris will be presenting acrylic paintings and drawings that stem from abstract perceptions of trees. For this body of work, she is focusing on the abstract arrangement of angles, shapes and depth formed by trees and branches.

Murray’ work will be a ceramic and charcoal installation featuring hanging ceramic bowls with charcoal drawings on the walls. By combining two- and three-dimensional works, Murray aims to show that communities are not linear, but are changing, progressing and constantly evolving.

Donahue will be exhibiting photographs of long-exposure “painting with light” portraiture that focuses on movement and distortion. “My photography literally distorts the human face creating multiple eyes, mouths and full faces within the same photograph,” said Donahue.

Norman’s exhibition represents her love for pottery, which is demonstrated through a series of bowls and plates using a heart theme. Her inspiration comes from the contrast of color in blue and white porcelain and the various intricate patterns of Turkish pottery.

Three artists – Caples, Reed and Michael – will exhibit work in or near the McKinney Center for Science and Mathematics. Caples’ work will be located in the front lobby on the first floor. Reed’s work will be shown in the west hallway by the biology department on the first floor. Michael is exhibiting work in front of the McKinney Center.

Caples will be exhibiting photographs that focus on the shape of horses in motion. “Negative space, line, color and shape are used to direct the viewer’s attention, as well as create juxtaposition between the horse’s body and its surroundings,” she said.

Reed’s show features acrylic paintings of medical equipment on canvas. Inspired by her interest in emergency medicine and experiences as an EMT, the exhibition features bold colors and detailed work creating a distinct and exciting personality for each piece of equipment. Reed wants viewers to come away from the experience with a fresh attitude toward, or new knowledge about, the field of medicine.

Michael will exhibit a collection of metal sculpture insects built from scraps of cast iron and steel. Horseshoes, pipes, railroad spikes and parts from a ski lift have been salvaged to create the sculptures that range in height from a foot to nine-feet tall.

Alexander’s show will be in the Eagle’s Nest in the Kline Campus Center. Her work combines visual art – collage, acrylic paintings and charcoal drawings with auditory and written art. “I’ve written many songs during my time as a Bridgewater student, and each art work corresponds with a song,” she said.

Ford’s exhibition, located on the Eagle’s Nest patio, is figurative sculptures created from found metal scraps. Working with junk metal, she alters the pieces from their original purpose and function to create abstract figurative forms playing with line, color, shape and texture.

Mitchell will be showcasing wedding dresses in the Cole Hall entrance stairwell. Created to bridge the gap between the way people view an artist and a seamstress, the dresses are made from non-typical material, including burlap, paper and curtains.

Dolack will be exhibiting acrylic paintings that combine words, images and a 3-D element in the entry of Bowman Hall. The images include trees, butterflies, the ocean, birds and other nature-related items. The 3-D elements include paper, shells and rose petals.

Gordon’s exhibition will be located in the living room of the art house located at 309 East College Street. She utilizes furniture – dining set, side tables, coffee tables, shelves, stools, bowls and wooden boxes – to frame photographs of abandoned and neglected buildings.

Ursomarso is showing paintings and drawings in the lounge of Moomaw Hall. Her work is derived from a love of letters and nature, specifically trees and leaves. “My compositions range from pristine and steady versions of fonts and the shapes they create to scratchy, humbled and chaotic drawings of abstract trees and nature forms,” she said.

Gould is exhibiting photographs in the lobby of the Kline Campus Center. She focuses on unique locations in Rockingham County, Va., including Reddish Knob, Showalter’s Orchard, Old Salem Church, White Oak Lavender Farm and Skyline Drive. “Photography enables me to highlight moments of life that may have otherwise gone unnoticed: a quick look, a shifting shadow, an angle not normally looked from,” she said.

Hinegardner’s exhibition will be located in the hallway and around the track in the Funkhouser Center for Health and Wellness. Her show includes photographs and graphic design pieces that highlight the 2014 Bridgewater College baseball team. “I find excitement in capturing plays, moments and the emotions of the game through the lens of my camera,” she said.

Posted 4/17/14

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