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Fall 2013

Welcome from Suzanne Bushman

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Dear families of BC students,

It’s such a pleasure to be able to greet you all as a member of the BC community. President Bushman and I are excited about this new year – our first academic year at BC – and are pleased to welcome more than 1,800 students to campus! Amid the usual pressures of study, exams and college life, I hope your student feels like he or she is an important part of our BC family. We want to partner with you in preparing your student for the next phase of life. I’m delighted to be part of this community and hope to meet you at Family Weekend or an upcoming event.

Suzanne Bushman

Meet the Bridgewater College Family Council

Photo of the Hinegardners

It is both an honor and pleasure to write to you as representatives of the Bridgewater College Family Council. We are excited that your son or daughter is attending Bridgewater College and trust that you are equally excited about this stage in your child's life.

These four years have gone by even faster than high school! It is hard to believe that our daughter Brea is entering her senior year. She has made wonderful friends, has been challenged by rigorous but caring professors and has received excellent learning opportunities. As a member of the BC softball team, she has developed lifelong friendships and benefited from wonderful coaches who truly care about all the girls as if they are their own children. We are confident that if your son or daughter becomes fully invested in the classroom; participates in social, club and other College activities; and makes a sincere effort to become an involved BC student, he or she will have a wonderful experience as well.
We hope that you, as parents, will continue to support your child by becoming involved in the Bridgewater College experience. Attending theatre and musical performances, College activities and athletic events are great ways to support your child and the College. There is a real sense of family at BC, and we hope that you will stay connected and join in the fun.

On behalf of the entire Family Council, "Wear gold, bleed crimson, and go Eagles!"
David Hinegardner '90 and Lisa Hinegardner

Dean Miracle Welcomes BC Families

Photo of the Hinegardners

Whether for the first year or last, your student is part of the Bridgewater College campus community. The College has a number of goals that are “givens” when a student is a member of our campus community: to look at the student’s welfare and safety; to be an accepting community that welcomes all; to create an educational environment both in and out of the classroom; to maintain a level of facilities that are clean and inviting; to provide opportunities outside the classroom that develop the student as a whole person and equip him/her for life beyond the College; and to provide experiences and procedures that enable the student to become a contributing member of our campus community.

Likewise, your student accepts certain responsibilities when he or she is a member of our community: to treat all other members of our campus community with dignity and respect; to be an engaged learner; to abide by college policies; to show respect for people and property; to take advantage of opportunities to develop life and leadership skills by participating in College clubs and organizations; to make new friends and be a role model for others; and to give back to the campus community.

We will always treat your student with respect and as an adult. We will deal with our students directly at all times. This is simply part of the process that enables your student to become an adult. However, we will include parents in the conversation when there are serious health and safety issues.
Our goal at the college is the same as yours – that your student develops, matures and becomes a responsible adult who contributes much to society and the community which lies beyond the campus.

I wish you and your student much success. I give my personal commitment to do all that I can to support, guide and facilitate your student’s transition to adulthood.

Best wishes,
William D. Miracle, Dean of Students