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Convocations at Bridgewater College include a wide variety of programs addressing important social issues, including speakers, presentations, campus worship, performances in the arts, films and travel experiences.

Typically, at least two convocations are held each week, and each student is required to attend at least seven per semester. Attendance at the convocation is recorded at the beginning of the program when a student swipes his or her ID card.

If you are a student seeking credit, you must arrive on time, scan your ID card, and stay for the entire program if you want it to count as one of your seven required convocations.

Convocations include:

  1. Weekday morning programs, which typically involve speakers and participants from within the Bridgewater College community.
  2. Weekday evening programs, which typically involve speakers recruited from the national or international scene and are supported by Bridgewater College’s endowed lecture funds.
  3. Arts and culture programs, which occur several times throughout the semester and bring musical and cultural events to the College.
  4. Convos on the Road, which are occasional field trips to a destination of interest.

See the current semester list for a complete list and descriptions of recent and upcoming convocations.