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Student Government

The student body is organized into the administrative, legislative and judicial branches. Through its president and appointed student members of faculty committees, students are also involved in many aspects of College operations.

The Student Senate, an organization of students elected by the four classes, serves as the basic policy‑making authority of the student body. The senate must approve presidential appointments; may override presidential vetoes; may conduct impeachment proceedings against Student Government officials; sets guidelines for all activities of the Student Senate, the President's Cabinet and the Honor Council; and allocates funds to various student groups.

Through the Student Government an individual student has the opportunity to fulfill the role of a voting citizen in the College community, to help mold student opinion, to cooperate with the faculty in interpreting College traditions, to direct the Honor System, and to serve as a citizen in relation to a general governing body for many student cocurricular activities. The constitution of the Student Government and the detailed regulations under which it operates are set forth in The Eagle Student Handbook.