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Student Government Honor Council

The Honor Council investigates and determines sanctions for violations of the Honor Code, which prohibits cheating, stealing and academic-related lying. Honor Council members are appointed by the Student Body president and serve, barring impeachment or resignation, from the time of their appointment until the end of their college career. Investigators, appointed by the Honor Council chairperson, assist in the investigation of cases but do not determine guilt or innocence. For more information on the Honor Council or the other judicial boards on campus, see page 9, 16, or the Honor Council Constitution in section E of the Appendix, page 91.

Honor Council Members

Rachael Sloan and Danielle Dietz, co-chairs
Timothy Holley
Janice Nguyen
Jennifer Boyko
Ashleigh Laraway
Ashley Hartman
Christopher Conte
Abby Blair


Professor Thomas Fechtel
Dr. Ed Lickey
Dr. Laura Yordy