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Student Government Senate

Student Senate, the largest organization within the Student Government, is comprised of students elected to represent each of the four classes and non-resident students (or day students). Senators for the Senior Class, Junior Class, Sophomore Class and Day Students are elected in the spring, and senators for the Freshman Class are elected in the fall. Responsibilities and powers of Student Senate include allocating funds to campus organizations, approving new campus organizations and making recommendations to the administration concerning student life.

Student Body President: Joel Francis
Student Body Vice President: Josh Law
Secretary: Milena Radovic
Treasurer: Joe Macklin

Class of 2013 President: Bethany Dunlap
Class of 2013 Vice President: Colby Shiver

Senior (2013) Senators:

Anthony Hammer
Bethany Dunlap
Colby Shiver
Dylan Kennedy
Johnny Ellis
Meghan O'Keefe
Milena Radovic
Milorad Radovic
Ryan Speray
Will Garrett

Class of 2014 President: Joe Macklin
Class of 2014 Vice President: Troy Jackson

Junior (2014) Senators:

Brea Hinegardner
Caroline Hutchinson
Carrie Joy Wild
Joe Macklin
John Lezcano
Troy Jackson
Will Canter
Zach Dickerson

Class of 2015 President: Zach Mollica
Class of 2015 Vice President: Derek Young

Sophomore (2015) Senators:

Abby Daniels
Katherine "Cat" Snead
Derek Young
Kendyl Kelly
Zach Mollica
Zach Waller

Commuter Senators:

Tiffany Tonner
Courtney Harris

Student Senate Advisor
Dr. William Miracle, Dean of Students