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Aerobic Studio in the Funkhouser Center

Aerobic Studio photo

The aerobic studio is a 2,094 square foot room specifically designed for group exercise with its highly cushioned floor and state-of-the-art multi-media sound system. It is located within the Funkhouser Center.

Group fitness classes are offered Sunday through Thursday while school is in session. The classes are taught by a combination of professional and student instructors.

Class Schedules

Reserve your spot at the front desk with your ID card!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
--- --- --- --- ---
4 p.m.
--- --- ---
4 p.m.
Cardio Party
5 p.m.
Cardio Party
5 p.m.
5 p.m.
5 p.m.
Turbo Kick
6 p.m.
5:30 p.m.
Muscle Revolution
7 p.m.
Cardio Party
5:30 p.m.
Muscle Revolution
--- --- --- --- ---

Class Descriptions

Class Fitness Level Description
AB Zone All A 30-minute class that targets the abdominal muscles in a variety of challenging exercises!
BodyWorks All A group fitness class designed to tone and shape the muscles from the abs to the arms. Each muscle group will be individually targeted to give a great workout while at the same time burning calories! A relaxing flexibility session concludes the class.
Boot Camp Intermediate Alternating cardio and strength segments designed to keep the heart rate up and increase muscle strength. There are no fancy steps to learn, just a simple, straight forward workout to build great conditioning and fitness!
Cardio Kickboxing All Kicks, jabs and exciting punch combinations make for an excellent workout session!
Cardio Party All A very popular and fun dance-like cardiovascular workout that uses dances and music from across the world. The steps are easy to learn and the enthusiasm is contagious!
Cycling All A group exercise class which uses lively music and indoor stationary cycles to provide a thorough non-impact cardiovascular workout. Individuals of all fitness levels from beginning exercisers through hard-core cyclists can comfortably exercise together. All first-time cyclers should come early in order to learn how to properly adjust the stationary cycle.
Fitness Circuits All Circuit training is a fun and effective way to improve fitness and burn body fat! Each exerciser works at his/her own level throughout the class going.
Muscle Revolution All A total body resistance training class designed to increase muscle tone, endurance and strength. Use dumbbells, discs, bands, steps, mats and more to take your body to a new level.
PiYo All A class geared toward strength, flexibility, core conditioning and balance using moves from yoga and Pilates. Awesome movement sequences and challenging exercises make for a unique and effective workout experience.
RIPPED All RIPPED stands for: Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, and Diet. A complete workout designed to challenge every system to build fitness or break through a fitness plateau. Learn more about RIPPED at
Sports Conditioning All Cardio intervals, agility, strength training and core! Perfect for anyone desiring an athletic based workout.
Turbo Kick All A choreographed cardio class that incorporates martial arts style moves. Get pumped up with great music for a fun and exciting workout.
Step All A popular class for over a decade. Class participants learn a basic, choreographed routine on a 6-10 inch step. The class includes some strength and abdominal training as well as stretching.
Yoga Beginner to Intermediate A mind/body class that helps reduce stress, increase flexibility, build strength and enhance body awareness.

Aerobic Studio Policies and Reservations


  • To serve as a classroom for group exercise classes, health and exercise classes, as well as a potential practice area for College teams, space for College interest groups and other campus activities.
  • To be a place where the student body has priority use and can participate in structured or independent exercise endeavors.
  • Funkhouser Center programming has precedence over all other requests/reservations for facility usage.
  • Non-scuff shoes only! Absolutely no street shoes or shoes that leave marks on the aerobic studio floor.
  • Only class participants are permitted in the aerobic studio while class is in session.
  • Group Exercise participants need to gather or checkout his/her own equipment for class.
  • Group Exercise participants are responsible for disinfecting and returning his/her equipment to its proper place after class is over.
  • Authorized personnel (ex: aerobics leaders, HES faculty) only are permitted to access the aerobic studio equipment/closets. At all other times the equipment is to be stored and locked in the appropriate place.
  • Group fitness equipment is not permitted to leave the building.


  • Bridgewater College academic classes may reserve the aerobics studio for designated dates or for an entire term.
  • Bridgewater College interest groups may reserve the aerobics studio provided the purpose of the group is for the benefit of the Bridgewater College campus community. All interests groups must have a contact person who will be in charge of reserving the room.
  • All student interest groups are required to have an advisor. All facility reservations will take place between the advisor and Funkhouser Center personnel.

*Note: We cannot always guarantee availability of a specific time slot due to Funkhouser Center programming, academic use or other College programs.

To reserve the aerobic studio, please contact Lori Schrock