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Residence Hall Move-In and Move-Out Information

Residence Hall Move-In and Check-In

In order to make the move-in experience a smooth and positive transition for all, the College sets official dates for student move-in and arranges for special assistance for students for those days. Move-in for first year students is Friday, August 22, 2014, between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m.  Move-in for transfer students is Saturday, August 23, also from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

Returning students may move in on Sunday, August 24 and Monday, August 25, 2014, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. All students should make arrangements to move in on the designated dates. Check in tables will be present in each residential area. Students should report to the table in their residential area to begin the check-in process.

Students may not occupy or place belongings in rooms before official move-in dates unless they are participating in an approved College-sponsored program and have been approved by the department of student life to move in prior to the listed move in dates. Students who occupy or place belongings in rooms before the official move-in date will be subject to disciplinary action.

Each resident must complete the appropriate paperwork with the residence life staff in order to receive his or her room key. Residents must sign the room condition report, which will be used to assess damages during check-out (see residence hall check-out, below).

Residence Hall Check-Out
All residents are expected to vacate the residence halls by 6 p.m. on the last day of their final exams in the spring. This policy does not apply for graduating seniors or those students who have a role in commencement. Residents must sign up for a time to check out with the residence life staff, clean the room, remove tape from the walls, sweep, etc. The staff will go over the room condition report and retrieve the key. Any student who fails to follow the proper check-out procedure may be charged up to $100 for improper check-out. Failure to return a key at check-out will result in a fee for changing the lock and replacing the key. 
An individual who ceases to be an enrolled student with the College is no longer entitled to housing and needs to make an appointment to check out with Residence Life staff. Such a person will have a maximum of 48 hours from the time withdrawal is finalized to move his or her belongings out of the residence hall. If this does not occur, the College reserves the right to remove this person’s belongings and a fee may be assessed.

Check-Out Procedures

  • All non-graduating students must move out and check out by 8pm on the day of their last final UNLESS their last final is on Tuesday, May 13, as all students must check out by 6pm that day.
  • All graduating students and students helping at graduation must move out and check out by Saturday, May 17 at 6pm.
  • All students except those permitted to stay until Saturday, May 17 (graduating students and students helping at graduation) must sign up for a time to check out with their RA at least 24 hours before the check-out time.
  • If the student cannot find a time to check out, they should see their AC to make alternate arrangements.
  • Students must move all college furniture that was placed in storage back to their room BEFORE May 6 at 10pm. Students should contact the RA on duty to get access to the storage room.
  • Prior to the check-out time, all students should move out all personal belongings, throw away all trash in the appropriate place, clean the room/apartment, and return all college furniture to the room.
  • Students do not need to bunk/unbunk beds, but all beds should be flipped to the lowest height.
  • All students should be present at the room at the time of the check-out time and turn in their key at that time.
  • Students who do not follow the check-out procedure will receive an improper checkout fee between $50 and $100, depending on the circumstance. Students who do not return their key at the time of check-out will receive a $25 key lock change fee. There will also be charges for excessive cleaning and any damages to the living space.
  • Please note that damage charge(s) (with the exception of improper check-out and missing key charges) will be divided among all residents of the room/suite/apartment/house unless Residence Life staff are able to definitively determine who is responsible or one resident takes responsibility (in writing). Any student wishing to take responsibility for any damages, should email
  • The Area Coordinator of the building will complete the final inspection of the living space and will make the final determination regarding the damage charges assessed after all students have moved out. During the check-out, the staff member is responsible for doing a preliminary check of the room to ensure all belongings have been removed, all furniture is present, there is no obvious damage, and the room key is returned. The check-out staff member indicating that everything is fine in the room does not mean that no charges will be assessed and is not grounds for appeal of any damage charges.

Please email or contact your Area Coordinator with any questions.

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Room Damage Assessments

Residence Hall Damage Charges Sheet

Upon moving into the residence halls, students are provided with a room condition report that describes the current condition of the facilities (walls, floor, ceiling, door, etc.) and College-owned room furnishings. Students are urged to carefully review this report and to ask their resident advisor or area coordinator to note any additions, noting even the slightest damage. When the student moves from the room, he/she is responsible for scheduling a check-out time with residence life staff. Residence life staff then compares the current condition of the room and furnishings with the condition noted on the room condition report that was completed at the time the student moved into the room. The occupants of the room are responsible for damages (other than normally expected wear) not previously noted. The amount of damage charges is determined after the resident has checked out by the area coordinator of the area.

Damage charge appeals must be sent to residence life in writing within thirty days of billing date.

Each student must maintain a $100 room and key deposit while he or she is a resident. Damage assessments are made against this deposit and must be replaced. The unused balance of this deposit will be refunded upon the student’s graduation or withdrawal from the College.