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Residence Hall Information

Each residence hall is equipped with:

  • Laundry rooms with coin-free operations
  • Vending machines
  • Television/recreation lounges
  • Study lounges
  • Smoke-free floors
  • Heating and air conditioning or ceiling fans
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Upright vacuum cleaners
  • Mops, brooms, and dust pans
  • Single, double, triple and/or quad rooms (single rooms reserved for upper classmen and those who require housing accommodations)

Each room is furnished with:

  • Venetian blinds
  • Overhead light
  • Twin size bunk bed (mattress size 36"x80")
  • Mirror over dresser
  • Cable TV hookup
  • Computer network access
  • Smoke detector
  • Storage space (limited)
  • Recycle bin

Each student is supplied with:

  • Study desk & chair
  • Chest of drawers
  • Closet or wardrobe
  • *Twin bed which takes extra-long twin sheets

*Note: If you wish to install a purchased or home-built Loft in the room in place of the beds already supplied, read the loft guidelines for more information, including mattress size.

Residence Housing Details

(To see the building locations on campus, check the campus map.)

Blue Ridge Hall

Blue Ridge Hall, erected in 1949, accommodates 153 male and female students. The name of the hall honors Blue Ridge College of New Windsor, Maryland, which closed in 1944. This building includes lounges and was renovated and air-conditioned in 1988.

Average room size: 16'x13'
2 study lounges
2 TV lounges
1 kitchen

Daleville Hall

Daleville Hall accommodates 106 female students. It was built in 1962-63 and includes a lounge. The name of the hall honors Daleville College of Daleville, Va., a Church of the Brethren college, which was consolidated with Bridgewater in 1923.

Average room size: 16'x12'
1 study lounge
1 TV lounge
1 kitchen

Dillon Hall

Dillon Hall, erected in 1965-66, accommodates 178 male and female students, and includes a lounge. The name of the hall honors J. B. Dillon who was a trustee of Bridgewater for 26 years; his brother, W. D. Dillon, a benefactor of the college; and their father, John Henry Dillon, who was a leader in the Church of the Brethren.

Average room size: 17'x10'
2 study lounges
2 TV lounges
1 kitchen

Geisert Hall

Geisert Hall accommodates 173 female students and contains student lounges. The building was erected in 1990 and is named in honor of Dr. Wayne F. Geisert, who served as president of Bridgewater College from 1964 to 1994. Geisert Hall is handicapped accessible.

Average room size: 11'x15'
1 study lounge/hall
2 TV lounges
1 kitchen/hall

Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall, erected in 1963-64, accommodates 194 male and female students and contains a main lounge. The hall is named in honor of Allen B. Bicknell, Newton D. Cool, Frederick D. Dove, John S. Flory, Mattie V. Glick, J. Maurice Henry, Minor C. Miller, A. Ray Showalter, C. E. Shull, and Marshall R. Wolfe.

Average room size: 17'x10'
1 study lounge
1 TV lounge
1 kitchen

Honor Housing

Bridgewater College also offers Honor Housing to 77 uppersclassmen with a 2.0 minimum GPA who demonstrate good citizenship and the ability to get along well with others. These houses are located adjacent to the campus along College Street, and are equipped with the same amenities as the residence hall rooms. Students are living on their "honor" without residence life staff living in the houses. Honor houses give students a different view of residential, collegiate living.

Wakeman Hall

Wakeman Hall accommodates 101 male students. It was erected in 1980 and includes a student lounge. The building is named for Benjamin O. and Crystal Driver Wakeman, longtime friends and supporters of the College. Wakeman Hall is handicapped accessible.

Average room size: 15'x11'
1 study lounge/hall
1 TV lounge
1 kitchen/hall

Wampler Towers

The Wampler Towers, erected in 2004, is the college's first co-educational living facility. This four-tower apartment complex accommodates 188 upper class male and female students, and includes four common rooms and four laundry rooms. Each apartment is equipped with central air and has a kitchen, bathroom and living area. While the majority of the apartments are two-bedroom, eight feature lofts and an additional bath.

Average room size:
1 common room/tower
1 kitchen/apartment

Wright Hall

Erected in 1958-59, Wright Hall accommodates 183 men and women, reception rooms and recreation rooms. The name of the hall honors the brothers Frank J. and Charles C. Wright. Dr. Frank J. Wright, a distinguished geologist, was the first academic dean appointed at Bridgewater. Dr. Charles C. Wright served the college 39 years as professor of economics and one year as acting president. From 1924 through 1946, he was both professor of economics and academic dean.

Average room size: 17'x10'
1 study lounge
1 TV lounges
1 kitchen

Wright/Heritage Link

The Wright-Heritage Link is located at 110 Third Street. This expansion and connector for the Wright and Heritage Hall dormitories provides residential housing and kitchen/lounge areas for 37 men and women on the second and third floors. The basement and first floors provide a café and supporting kitchen area with mezzanine level lounge space and an elevator that serves the entire complex. The third floor also houses a game room, wellness center and two conference/classrooms.


Stone Village

The Stone Village community is located at the 400 block of East College Street. Named after past college president Phillip C. Stone, five houses are grouped with the pre-existing Strickler Apartments to form a village-style community for 87 students. Built in 2010-2011, the four larger units are comprised of 5000 square feet and house 16 students each. The smaller unit, also built in 2011, is comprised of 3000 square feet and houses eight students. The Strickler Apartment building contains 3000 square feet and houses 15 students.