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Emergency Call Boxes for the Campus Police and Safety Department

Emergency call boxes are to be used if you have a security or safety concern that deserves an immediate response. Call boxes are located throughout campus and are attached to a pole with a light at the top so that they can be readily identified. 

Emergency call box locations

  • Geisert Hall parking lot
  • Kline Campus Center parking lots
  • McKinney Hall parking lot

Using the Emergency call box

The call boxes are placed so that they are accessible without exiting a car, if necessary.

Pushing the large red button will immediately activate the blue flashing light and initiate a call to the campus police and safety department. A two-way communication will be in affect between the caller and the department until the officer arrives on the scene.

The blue light serves to alert others in the vicinity to an emergency situation. It will flash for 15 minutes and the call box will continue to transmit voice or other sounds emanating from the vicinity of the call box. The caller can continue to communicate until the officer arrives.

Properly used, these call boxes should serve as an enhancement to our security posture in our largest parking lots. They will be less effective if abused or activated by pranksters.

It will be considered a serious breach of campus policy to activate the call box as a prank.