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Purpose and Functions of the Campus Police and Safety Department

The Bridgewater College campus police and safety department's purpose and functions include:

  • Protection of life and property for members of the College community and visitors
  • Law enforcement and investigation
  • Crime prevention
  • Providing service to members of the community while at the same time preserving an environment conductive to the pursuit of educational goals and personal growth.
  • Protection and security of college property
  • Enforcement of college rules and regulations
  • Provide security for designated functions
  • Parking enforcement
  • Reporting hazardous and unsafe conditions regarding college property

It is the endeavor of our department to fulfill these responsibilities in a courteous, polite manner. We realize that as members of the campus police and safety department, we perform an important public relations function for the college and that we must reflect a favorable image of the college in our contacts with the College community and the general public. We further pledge to maintain a high standard of conduct and proficient performance in our duties through continuing education and in-service training.

It is our policy to maintain open and clear communication with students and to be able to assist the administration, faculty, and staff. It is our philosophy as professionals to be friendly with students, faculty, and staff, but firm and impersonal on occasions calling for enforcement, regulation and control. We feel cooperation is essential for attainment of our goals. By maintaining professionalism, reliability, concern, and prompt response, we win community confidence.

The campus police motto is:
Pride in Protection and Service.