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Resume, Interview and Salary Resources

Resume Resources

Student Resume Worksheet
Need help getting started on your resume? Use this helpful worksheet.

Resume Builder
Whether you are a current student or alumni, you will find all the tools you need to begin your career.

The Scannable Resume
Opportunities abound for posting resumes on the Internet. Learn this easy, but different resume format.

Letter Writing Tips
There are several basic letters you will probably use during your job search. This article provides specific, detailed information on how to do them all.
Frmed to help job seekers with resume writing with the power of language and provide information about formatting, writing, posting resumes and job hunting and career information. Contributions from HR Directors and personnel, Career Advisers, Professional Career Coaches, Teachers, Authors, Professors, and job hunters.
Helpful resume writing website.

Interview Resources

The Interview
The interview is the last step of the hiring process - and the most important. Find out everything you need to know about the interviews.

Salary Resources