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Teacher Placement File Directions

The office of career services assists Seniors and Alumni by compiling credentials and maintaining personal folders to supplement applications for positions. Please include the following documents. Files must be considered complete to send to school systems. Files may be sent without student teacher evaluations for those that are currently participating in a student teacher experience.

1. Request for Handling of Placement Credentials and Release

Download Form, fill out and sign.

Procedure: Sign Statement 1 or 2 -and- Statement 3 or 4 on the form. Your intentions regarding the waiver as expressed on this form must be the same as that indicated on each of the Statement of Evaluation and Recommendation forms.

Statement 1:

Waives your right of access to confidential materials in your placement file, specifically statements of recommendation. When your placement file is provided to relevant school systems, an accompanying Confidential Information cover will indicate this waiver of right of access. Virginia school systems generally prefer a waiver of right to access.

Statement 2:

Reserves your right of access to confidential materials in your placement file. When your file is provided to relevant school systems, an accompanying Information cover will indicate your access to confidential materials.

Statement 3:

Grants permission to the office of career servicess to send your placement file to potential employers by your request, whether by telephone, e-mail, letter, or in person. It also grants permission for the office to send your placement file to any potential employer that requests a copy of the file in writing. For your protection, without your prior approval, no placement files will be mailed to potential employers without this written request.

Statement 4:

Restricts the sending of your placement file only to those potential employers which you have indicated in writing. No other solicitations, whether in writing from the potential employer or by your unwritten request, will be processed.


Reference is made in the Virginia Freedom of Information Act to a student's right of access to certain records. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 allows a registrant access to the information (submitted after January 1, 1975) in his or her placement file, unless the registrant has signed a waiver of the right of access to such information. One is not obligated to sign such a waiver, but has the right to do so, and must indicate his/her wishes on the evaluation form before presenting it to the intended writer.'


2. Statement of Evaluation and Recommendation

Download form.

Fill out the top section with the relevant information. Print out the form, and give a copy to each individual from whom you are requesting a reference.

Three to five references are required. We recommend evaluations by professors, former or present employers, and other professional persons who know you well and can talk about the skills and abilities you bring to the job. It may be best not to ask the supervising professor of your student teaching or your cooperating teacher to be a reference, as their comments will appear on the student teaching evaluation form (see Student Teaching Evaluation Forms below). For off-campus employers, etc., we recommend having them complete the comment section of the evaluation on agency letterhead.

For individuals not located on campus, you should include a stamped and addressed return envelope to the Director of Career Services, Box 35, Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, VA 22812. We recommend that you write a thank you letter to anyone who acts as a reference for you.

As an alumnus you may want to add employer letters of recommendation to keep your file current for use as you change jobs. Send them to the Director of Career Services at the above address.

3. Praxis Scores

Praxis scores are part of your official transcript. You may also include copies of your score reports in your placement file. Both sets of Praxis scores should be included unless a waiver applies.

4. Student Teaching Evaluation Forms

Student Teaching Evaluation forms are completed by your cooperating teacher(s) and college supervisor. You must sign a request form in the Registrar's Office to have copies sent to us for your file.

5. Record of Academic and Professional Courses

Download cover sheet.

Attach the cover sheet to the Academic Analysis Summary. If you are currently taking courses which will not appear on the Summary before you have your placement file sent out, you should type that information on a separate piece of paper, indicating what courses you are currently taking, and how many credit hours you expect to earn once the class is complete.

Remember, official transcripts are not part of this file.If your grade transcript is required, you should make your request to the Registrar's Office for release to the potential employer.

6. Virginia Reading Assessment

7. Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment

8. Optional Forms

  • Child Abuse Training Certificate

  • TB Certificate

  • Current Resume

There are lots of resources available for creating an exceptional resume. Please visit the Career Services office to get one-on-one advice and access to available resources.

  • Teaching Certificate

You may want to include a copy of your teaching certificate in your file; this is good insurance if your copy is lost.


There is no charge to the student for establishing this placement file. The first ten sets are mailed free of charge. A fee of $2.25 is charged for each set mailed after the tenth to cover cost. The Office of Career Services reserves the right to collect this fee prior to mailing out the file.


Placement files will be kept on file seven (7) years after they are initiated.