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Finance Office FAQs

Why does my financial aid award letter differ from the estimated student account statement I received from the finance office?

There are many reasons for this difference. Your Financial Aid Award Letter includes the gross amount of your federal loans and your account statement shows the net amount or what is actually paid to the College. Federal work-study is only shown on your award letter since earnings from work-study are paid directly to the student rather than being credited to their account. Also, the reservation deposit allocation as well any debit or credit balance forward shows on your statement but not your award letter. Remember you can view your student account on WebAdvisor to check for any updates. Typically fall statements may be viewed as early as July 1 and spring statements December 1. For further information, read the Understanding Your Statement of Account brochure.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards through our online payment system and through WebAdvisor. A service fee will apply to any credit card payment. However, you may pay via electronic check (ACH) at no extra cost.

How do I receive a refund if I have a credit balance (surplus) on my account?

If you have a credit balance on your account, you can request your refund either in person or via your BC campus email. Refunds are not available during the first two weeks of a semester. Checks are processed only after loan funds are received and credited to the student's account. Checks are written on Tuesday and Friday with deadlines being 10 a.m. the prior day. Checks are sent intercampus mail to your campus box unless you request them to be mailed to your permanent address. We prefer requests for alternate payees be made in person in the finance office. Refunds for graduates and other non-current students are generally processed within two to four weeks after leaving the College. Also, account refunds are not generated for amounts less than $2.

Email should be directed to

How do I purchase a commuter meal plan or Dining dollars?

To purchase a commuter meal plan or Dining Dollars, please visit the finance office webpage and select “Pay Online". Select either “Dining Dollars” or “Commuter Meal Plan” from the drop-down menu, and then enter the appropriate amount (see the finance office fees webpage for meal plan prices, or enter any amount for the “Dining Dollars” selection). You may also visit the finance office in Flory Hall to purchase a commuter meal plan or Dining Dollars. Plans may be purchased in the finance office with cash or personal check only.