Tuition and Costs Apply Now

Payments to the Finance Office

Payments are accepted in the finance office during regular working hours or by mail. Please make checks payable to Bridgewater College and include the student's account number on the check or money order.

All payments (other than Flex payments) should be addressed: Bridgewater College
Attn: Finance Office
Box 2
402 East College Street
Bridgewater, Virginia 22812
All Perkins loan payments should be made payable to Bridgewater College and mailed to: Campus Partners
P.O. Box 2901
Winston-Salem, NC 27102-2901
All flex plan (monthly payment plan) checks need to be made payable to Bridgewater College and mailed to: Bridgewater College Flex Plan
P.O. Box 90187
Harrisburg, PA 17109-0187

Payment Due Dates:

Payments are due for 2014-2015 according to the following schedule:
Fall Semester -- August 7, 2014
Spring Semester -- January 6, 2015

Basic costs of interterm are included within charges for the two semesters. These costs do not include expenses for travel, off-campus housing, etc.

Monthly Payment Plan:

At Bridgewater College, assisting our students and their families in meeting their financial obligations is one of our biggest concerns. That is why Bridgewater College offers the semester flex plans as an alternative to traditional tuition payment arrangements. By making monthly payments affordable out of current income, the flex plan will help you avoid additional borrowing. The less you have to borrow now means the less you will have to pay back later.

For more information or to enroll, visit the AES flex plan website or call Advanced Education Services (AES) at 1-800-551-2773, ext. 15.

Online Payments:

We accept credit card payments and electronic checks (ACH) online. There is a service fee for credit card payments but not for electronic checks. An ACH (automated clearing house payment) is like an "electronic check" with your bank account being charged the next business day. This is by far the most popular online payment option. An online payment can be made through this pay online link. When making an online payment please have your bank account information and the student's ID number handy. Please select the type of bill you are paying from the drop down menu.

Late Payment Penalties:

Any account past due may be assessed a $100 late charge. A student's "miscellaneous account" which includes parking tickets and other fines, may also be subject to a late penalty. After thirty days, past-due accounts are subject to additional penalties not to exceed 8% per annum. Students may not complete class registration until satisfactory arrangements have been made with the finance office for payment of all fees. Students with unpaid accounts may also be withheld from either Spring or Fall preregistration and subject to additional penalties.

Student Responsibilities:

Students are responsible for full payment of all charges on their account, even if being paid by a third party. Students are also responsible for informing the College of any address changes, by reporting to the registrar or the finance office.

The finance office also accepts payments for parking fines.

*All tuition and fees must be paid prior to class registration.