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Services Provided by Health Services

Services include but are not limited to:

Initial consultation, evaluation, treatment and follow up

These services are provided by the College nurse and nurse practitioner. There are times when the health care provider or nurse practitioner may determine that a specialist in the field would be better able to treat a particular health problem. In that event, the student may be referred outside of Health Services. Usually, in those cases, the student would contact parents or their insurance company directly for information regarding insurance coverage, since the cost of those services would be the responsibility of the student or parent.

Medications, Some Prescriptions and Loan Items

Blood pressure monitoring, first aid treatment and supplies, various over the counter medications maybe be provided free of charge. We also loan crutches as needed.

Diagnostic Tests

The following diagnostic tests are available at no charge to the student, upon the recommendation of the attending health care provider:

  • Rapid strep test
  • Mono test
  • Routine urinalysis
  • Pregnancy testing
  • TB skin test

Health and Wellness Educational Resources

Availability of a wide selection of up to date health and wellness resources are available. Information may be obtained on various topics such as nutrition, eating disorders, stress management, smoking risks and smoking cessation, alcohol use and abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual abstinence and responsibility, birth control methods, disease prevention, and many more topics of concern to the college student.

Costs and Coverage

Most services and supplies offered are free of charge to any student whether they are full or part time, resident or non-resident status. Any off-campus service, prescription medication, or procedure is the student's financial responsibility. Students will be responsible for correspondence with their insurance company regarding coverage for prescription drugs and other off- campus services such as lab work, x-rays, or other diagnostic procedures ordered by Health Services.

If you have any questions regarding this coverage , please contact Linda Bowers at 540-828-5384 or