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Step Up! Bystander Intervention

Bridgewater College has been awarded a three year grant by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to reduce the risk associated with alcohol use by our students. As part of the Choices grant, Step Up! – a bystander intervention training program has been implemented across campus. The goal of Step Up! is to make our campus a safer place to live, work and study and teach the College community how one person can make a difference to prevent dangerous situations.

Bridgewater College’s Step Up! program is a leadership training program developed in part by Becky Bell of Arizona Athletics and the Commitment to an Athlete's Total Success (CATS) program. Bell created the Step Up! program in collaboration with the NCAA and national experts as a pro-social behavior and bystander intervention program that educates students to be proactive in helping others.

The departments of student life, health and human sciences and athletics have partnered to take the concepts of Bell’s Step Up! program to reduce the risk associated with alcohol use by students on campus, as well as use these concepts in prevention activities for topics such as depression, sexual assault, violence and discrimination.


Photo of Step Up! bracelet

How it works:

  • Get a bracelet
  • See an act of kindness or someone “stepping up”
  • Pass the bracelet on

Tell us the story of your bracelet

You can either be the bracelet giver or the bracelet receiver. Share your story by sending a tweet to @stepupbc along with the braclet number.

Sample stories

  • Bracelet #339 - "I cleaned up a mess left in a hallway."
  • Bracelet #596 - "Simply gave a very nice student information about all the wonderful services and resources available at career services. I was so happy to receive the bracelet! What a neat idea!"
  • Bracelet #173 - "By helping a student fix her bike. She was really thankful and handed the bracelet to me.”

Want to get involved?

Contact Paige French in health services at 540-515-3749 or

You can also help make "Be Kind. Step Up!" bracelets by first attending a bystander training, followed by working with the Bridgewater College art department. For more info, check out: Ben's Bells and Step Up! Program at The University of Arizona.