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Summer Christian Experience Scholarship Program

The summer christian experience scholarship program (SCES) enables students to gain valuable experience and training in Christian ministry while providing useful service to church-related camps.

Through SCES, students serve a church-related camp on a full-time basis for a period of 10 weeks during the summer months. Each student is granted a financial scholarship by the college that is applied toward tuition charges for the ensuing academic year. In addition, the sponsoring camp provides room and board and $20 per week directly to the student for incidental expenses.

The camp will appoint a person or committee to supervise and oversee the student's service. Regular contact between the student and the supervisor or supervising committee is expected. The camp will clearly define and communicate its expectations to the student for his/her responsibilities, and there should always be someone available to whom the student may turn for counsel and support.

Mid-summer and final evaluations are to be completed by the student and camp and returned to Chaplain Robbie Miller who serves as the coordinator of the program. If any questions should arise or concerns develop, please contact:

Chaplain Robbie Miller

SCES is funded by the Bridgewater College endowment fund and was created to memorialize several outstanding church leaders.

SCES Application

Download the SCES application.