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Fall 2010 Enrollment Fall 2011 Enrollment Fall 2012 Enrollment
  Count Percent Count Percent Count Percent
Total Enrollment 1,688 100% 1,648 100% 1,760 100%


Faculty List by Department

Prefix First Name Last Name Suffix Title
Prof. Scott Jost Associate Professor of Art/Department Chair
Prof. Nan Covert Associate Professor of Art
Prof. Michael Hough Associate Professor of Art
Prof. Eric

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal from College

To withdraw from Bridgewater College at any time during a semester, a student must first confer with the associate dean for academic affairs who will provide a form requiring the signatures of appropriate college personnel. A student

Written Agreements for Educational Programs

Bridgewater College has entered into written agreements with other institutions under which the institutions provide part of the educational program for students enrolled at Bridgewater College.

Name of School/Organization Location of

Transfer of Credit Policies

A student who has attended another accredited college or university and is in good standing there may apply for admission to advanced standing no later than the beginning of the senior year.

One who has attended an accredited two-year college may transfer as