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Athletic Training Outcomes and Placement

Athletic Training Outcomes and Placement
Bridgewater College athletic training program: We know you're going somewhere because our history proves it!

Let’s face it, you want to get a job or go to graduate school after you graduate from college. You want to invest in an education and an

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Athletic Training Faculty

Athletic Training Faculty


Barbara H. Long, EdD, VATL, ATC
Chair, Department of Health & Human Sciences
Director, Athletic Training Program
Assistant Professor, Health & Human Sciences

Dr. Long is a graduate of Bridgewater College with a degree

Athletic Training FAQs

Can I participate in sports or other activities while being an athletic training major?

Yes, you can play a sport or participate in some other extracurricular activity for one season each year you are in the professional phase of the program.  That

Athletic Training Facilities

Nininger Hall

The health and human sciences department and intercollegiate athletics reside in Nininger Hall. In addition to the usual athletic facilities, the building contains classrooms, laboratory spaces (athletic training, coaching, and health and