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Facilities for Biology

The biology department is located on the first floor of the McKinney Center, which was constructed in 1994 as a comprehensive teaching center for science and mathematics. It has six teaching laboratories that are well equipped to provide hands-on exploration

Veterinary Medicine

The course work required for such a preparation is basically the same as the premed program. There are many laboratories and veterinary offices where you can volunteer or do an internship.

The following is a sample of course requirements from two schools:

PreMed Society

The goal of the Bridgewater PreMed Society is to provide students with information about and opportunities to explore various medical careers including but not limited to medical physician, nursing, dental medicine, optometry, veterinary medicine,

Medical Technologies

Bridgewater College has an agreement with Rockingham Memorial Hospital in Harrisonburg, Virginia. A similar agreement is in place with Augusta Health in Fishersville, Virginia. These hospitals are accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical

Majors and Minors for Biology

Biology Major

Consists of a minimum of 44 credit hours of courses in biology, chemistry and mathematics. The following courses are required (38 credits):

BIOL 110 Principles of Biology I
BIOL 111 Principles of Biology II
BIOL 309 Genetics
BIOL 311 Animal